Tips to Help Feng Shui Your Home

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You might have heard the term and you might even have a general idea of what it is; but do you really know what Feng Shui is all about? Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that believes our homes and living arrangements should mirror our inner selves. They believe your home should represent where you want to go in life and who you are as an individual. Below are a few tips and tricks to help start the process to get the most out of your home to get that good flowing energy coursing through (that might have sounded a little hippy but you get the point).

Mix up shapes
Different shapes represent different things (i.e squares represent Earth, rectangles represent wood). Mix different shapes in your living room to get a balanced feeling all around. Make sure to get a round coffee table, though, because it will help the energy flow more easily around the room. Tip: make sure to keep the furniture in an arrangement that is not too close but not too far away (a good middle basically). Also make sure you keep walkways clear to help the energy move easier.

Red at the entrance
Place something red at your front door on the porch or near it to attract energy, fortune, and luck. You could put a red plant or some type of red accented decoration and try to keep your front door open as often as you can. An open entrance allows positive energy to flow more freely into your home.

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Get rid of the clutter
A cluttered house equals a cluttered mind. This is a huge tip I believe whole-heartedly in. In terms of Feng Shui, clutter quite literally takes up all the energy in the room (even if you are hiding it). Make sure to only keep things in a room that bring you happiness and joy. This is also a minimalist approach, meaning that each object should mean something to you and your life. If not, it is not needed.

Pick the right colors
Colors represent different things and can be used to help motivate and energize your spirit! For example, red and eggplant can be invigorating and energizing when used in your home. Try to incorporate different colors to help balance the room out. You can do this with curtains, pots, or even plants. Colors can also mean different elements and each element is needed for proper balance. For example:

Red= fire
Green= wood
White= metal
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Keep your bedroom peaceful
Your bedroom should always be a place of tranquility. It is where we go to relax from the stresses of the day and should reflect that. Keep the lighting, well, light, and use light colors and textures on the bed (like tans and whites). Get fabrics and pillows that feel fluffy and soft on your skin and make sure NOTHING is under your bed. Objects underneath your bed can put off its own energy throughout the night.

Also make sure to keep photos of family in other rooms beside the bedroom. The bedroom is private for you; having photos can sometimes make us think of events or things we need to do.

Bring the outside inside
Above all make sure to keep everything simple and open. This includes bringing the outdoors indoors with plants and various colors. Not only can this help breathing but it help lift the energy and mood in each and every room. Place things intentionally throughout the house; objects should be in areas where they will be most used (as in a plant that brings you joy on a table that you see more often).


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