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I am a fan of the written word (if you haven’t noticed). I hoard books and magazines to the point of needing several bookshelves just to contain my obsessions. When it comes to magazines I have an array of hobbies that I feed my mind including fashion, beauty, photography, and travel. While I usually go for online subscriptions (to save paper) or free (because who doesn’t love free) I do have a few much needed subscriptions that I refuse to stop getting, online or in person.

Here are a few of my favorite travel magazines that give me severe wanderlust. Pull out your SPF, sip on that margarita, and flip through the pages that are filled with beautiful photography and amazing descriptions of places we want to go to and tickets we need to purchase.

Travel & Leisure
This is the overall magazine that everyone should have if you get the wanderlust bug. It has everything from tips and tricks, amazing sights (via photos) and everything in between. What I love about this magazine (and website) is that they incorporate real life events and beauty/fashion into their articles. It really is a do-all for travel lovers all over.

This is my favorite for planning a trip around the world! If you want to go somewhere I would always suggest going to this webpage first! They have travel guides that are easy to skim over and have the most important information you need to know like when to go, food and drink, local info, and everything you want to know before going. If you are a planner like I am (sometimes) then this is your one stop shop!

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine
I cannot have a list without this gem. Every issue has a mass amount of information, unbelievable photos, and an in depth travel guide to different places.  You can learn tips to get the cheapest flight plans to seeing the Bahamas in the most glorious photos you’ve ever seen. Wanderlust loves unite!

And of course, the name that I love using almost daily. If wanderlust were a religion then I would be at the top of the followers. This has list upon lists of areas with the most beautiful coasts, the coldest climates, and the best spots to penguin watch. Lists are great for organizers but they are also dream worthy when they include photos of unique and out of this world beautiful places we could only fantasize about. Travel the globe in your pajamas; you can’t hate that!


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