Why Lotion Should Never Be An Option

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There are a lot of things we make optional in our lives that probably should never have been moved to that list. The amount of water we consume, the hours of sleep we get, or even the food we eat.

One thing I have never made optional is lotion. Since I was a small child, I have had horribly dry skin. After EVERY shower I lather up with cream, and if I didn’t, I would walk around 30 minutes later feeling like a cactus.

When I started dating my boyfriend, I realized that not only did he not lotion but he didn’t OWN any cream. After showering there one day I came to this scary realization and didn’t even know what to do with myself.

Who doesn’t lotion? Who doesn’t even own lotion or body butter? I was completely bewildered! The man hadn’t lotioned his body since he was a baby (and even then his mother technically did it). Once I talked to a few friends about this, I realized that it was me who was the weird one. They didn’t lotion either.

To me, that would be physically impossible. I would eventually turn into a scaly monster that would leave a pound of my flesh everywhere I went. However, not everyone has skin like mine. Therefore, some people don’t NEED to lotion every day. Ladies and gents, just because you think you don’t need it does not mean you don’t need it (makes sense?).

Creams and body butter don’t just moisturize your skin, although that should be enough to make you want it daily. While you might not have as dry skin as I do you DO still have skin and it does get dry (even if you cannot feel it).

Lotioning your skin is also great for blood flow and circulation. When you rub lotion into your skin, you are also massaging your body which helps relax that body and aide in healthy circulation.

Don’t believe it is needed? Just give me a chance and try it out for 7 days. Trust me; your body will love you for it! Lotion works for your skin like water works for your body.

You wouldn’t skip water for month’s right? Then stop treating your skin like it isn’t a priority. So lather on that moisturizer and watch your skin change from meh to the glowing beauty that it is!


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