5 Beauty Gurus You Must Watch On Youtube

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When it comes to makeup, I am a dire fan of, well, all of it! In high school, I was definitely not a knowledgeable teenager when it came to putting on makeup (think raccoon eyes and cake face). Kids these days have so much more experience while I was still trying to figure out exercises to make my breasts larger. While I might be a tad jealous, I also know a considerable reason teenagers are learning at a faster rate is that of the beauty of Youtube.

You don’t know how to do something? You can Youtube almost anything and figure it out (except surgery, leave that to the professionals). The biggest reason I even know what brushes to use on my face and have makeup that looks (not to sound too conceited) flawless is due to the hours spent watching beauticians share the dirty details we all want to know. One thing I have learned? You don’t need expensive makeup to make a fantastic look. These 5 beauty gurus taught me everything I know and will help you up your game (unless you go au naturel, which is impressive on its own too!).
Jaclyn Hill
If you watch one person and one person alone, it should be this girl. She is the ultimate reason I know what I’m doing in front of a mirror, and I daily reference her when people ask me about my makeup process. Not only is she incredible at explaining every little move (which sometimes we desperately need) but she has a personality that is so happy and upbeat you will crave new videos each week.
Jaclyn does a fantastic job of showing what she uses and gives options for people with different skin types (high end and drugstore).
Glam & Gore
This girl is fierce! Mykie is the creator of Glam & Gore and, while it might not be everyday makeup routines, it is definitely something worth watching. She mixes glam styles with out of this world gore costumes that will leave you craving Halloween time to try them out. With her sweet personality and witty commentary, I find myself getting sucked into Youtube for hours just watching the creations she has invented.
Manny MUA
I love that male beauticians are becoming more of a thing because this guy can do makeup better than most women I know! Again, Manny has a fantastic personality that keeps you sucked in, and he does a great job of trying a lot of new makeup, so we don’t have to. I love watching his reviews before I go out and spend money on something that might not be that great, to begin with. He also, like Jaclyn, does a great job of walking you through steps so that you don’t get lost between the foundation and eyeshadow.
If you are looking for a more natural makeup tutorial, this is your girl. She believes in the less is more approach and teaches us how to get that beautiful French girl look. This lovely makeup artist shows you how to get a great look for any skin type and how to rock pops of color without using many products, brushes, or caking on the makeup (letting that inner beauty shine through).

She can also be seen teaching proper skin care routines and her work, inspired by art all around her, can be seen on the covers of magazines and on the red carpet. While I love a full face of makeup, there is a time and a place for that ‘I just woke up like this’ makeup look as well.
Nikkie Tutorials
You have probably already heard of her and for good reasons. As a self-taught makeup artist, she stuns with the looks she comes up with on her Youtube channel. If you are a fan of bold eyes than Nikkie is your girl! She does out of these world masterpieces and goes over them with so much detail anyone can follow a video without getting lost. With a little bit of practice (and some help from these lovely people), you too will be a beauty guru in no time.


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