5 Shows On Netflix That Are Worth Binging

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A while ago I did an article here where I discussed my current Netflix faves of the time. Without cable, I rely heavily on Netflix and the abundance of shows they have to offer. While I still LOVE those shows, I have new ones that have become my go to when I have free time (or just a lazy day). If you are trying to get hooked on a new show, I would highly recommend giving one (or all) of these a try.

If you were a Dexter fan, well, this has nothing to do with that plotline, but the main character is Dexter (aka Michael C. Hall). In this suspenseful show, he plays a British (yes, British) father whose daughter goes missing in what seems like the perfect gated community. Filled with secrets, lies, and oh so good plot twists this show is bound to keep you on edge.

This is a copy from my last article, but I have to put it again (and for a good reason). Season 2 to Riverdale just came on Netflix, and you can be sure this girl did not sleep just so I could binge away at all the new twists these high school students and their parents face. Suspenseful, eerie, and full of fantastic fashion choices (and milkshakes). If you haven’t gotten on this bandwagon, you are definitely missing out!

The Office
Yes, I have seen this multiple times, but it still is excellent each and every time I watch. The show has a fantastic cast as well as witty humor. With short episodes and carefree plots, this is a great TV show for someone who just needs to wind down for the day. While I love good plots and unusual twists sometimes we need a no-brainer to watch.

Black Mirror
This is science fiction meets horror in a TV show that is a one of a kind during a time when it is hard to be unique. Each episode is different from the other, so there is no fear of missing something crucial (and it automatically starts on a random show, totes unique). All episodes are futuristic and creepy, but of course in the best of ways. Don’t worry, we know you are already obsessed (no judgments).

She’s Gotta Have It
I found this show empowering for women everywhere (no matter your race). It follows a young artist who is living her life, and we get to see it from her perspective. It is set in modern day times and focuses on black lives matter, our current president, love, polygamy, and making it as a millennial (woman) artist in this current climate. The show itself is one big art scene but is also a great motivator for anyone following their passion (or feeling like a minority in this big world we live in).

Whether you are a man, woman, black, white, or any race for that matter, this is a great show for you to watch!

What are some of the shows you are currently loving? I'm always looking to find that next great binge. If you don't have Netflix, what do you use to stream your favorite shows? Let me know in the comments below!


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