5 Things To Remember When Working From Home

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They said it would be easy; they said it would be fun. They were crazy. While working from home can have amazing benefits (and can definitely be fun) it is a lot harder than it might seem. While I am still trying to figure things out, I have realized that specific steps truly do make a world of difference when pulling a 9 to 5 in your bedroom.

Don’t work in your pajamas
It is tempting to wake up and get right at it in those comfy clothes you slept in. The problem is those comfy clothes can sometimes cause the lazy in all of us to come out. You are more likely to be productive during your ‘work hours’ if you dress up just like you would if you were going to a job. When you start to get lax, that is when your hours become lax, and productivity goes down the toilet.

Set up a workspace
Working on your bed can be a fantastic thing (and sometimes necessary if you are a tad under the weather). When you combine your bed with work, it is harder to separate work from home life. Setting up a little office space not only helps you stay on track it also feels more like a ‘job.’ Once you are done with work, be done.

Shut the computer and enjoy your time off! When you are continually working you become burnt out, and it makes home and social time become anxiety ridden. Make sure to keep the spaces separate for peace of mind.

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Keep distractions at a minimum
It is easy to watch television or do laundry while working; you are home. It is understandable that we think about things we need to do around the house when we are right there looking at everything. Just like you shouldn’t ‘bring work home’ you shouldn’t bring home to work. Try to keep those things at a minimum; I promise they will still be there when you are done with work.

If you have a spare bedroom, then you can make that into an office and only leave for scheduled breaks and bathroom breaks. Make sure family knows this as well so that people aren’t continually coming in interrupting the flow.

Give yourself to do lists
I find it extremely hard to stay on topic when I have no boss around to keep an eye on me. While I can be focused, I can also become lazy fast, and I have been known to procrastinate when I need to be working. Setting up a planner to keep chunks of time for specific projects keeps you on track for the goals you have each day. Just make sure to schedule breaks in as well! Otherwise, you might become a tad crazy.

Take days off
It is easy to never turn off when work is five feet away from you. For your own sanity make sure to actually schedule days off. When 5 pm rolls around on Friday, I make sure to stay away from my computer for a couple days. While I might still look at my emails, I make sure to keep it short and enjoy the time off. Always being on all the time can become exhausting and eventually you could resent the job you love so much.

Working from home is a dream come true, but you have to think of it just like any other job. You deserve days off, holidays, vacation, and much-needed memories that won’t come from staring at the computer screen regularly.



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