5 Tips To Help Reduce Stress

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Stress is now a more common word than love these days, and that is just plain depressing. With politics, life, finances, love, and everything in between it is hard NOT to be stressed out in this fast-paced world we live in. Believe me, if you don’t try to relieve that little bug it can make you feel like you are going insane and even cause actual physical illnesses. Don’t let anxiety and frustrations keep you from living your best life (or even sleeping your best nap).

Figure Out What Is Stressing You Out
Seems simple but is sometimes difficult. You cannot relieve stress until you know what the actual source of the anxiety is. Try to think of the common denominator in each day when you were frustrated, and it might help find the main problem. Once you know what the issue is you have a better chance of killing it in its tracts.

If you don’t genuinely fix the stressor, it will just come back over and over again. For instance, if the big denominator is your work, it might be time to find a different career path or talking to your boss (if they want to keep you they will be happy to work with you to find the right balance). It could be as simple as taking a vacation or switching your schedule around.

Practice Mindful Meditation
Meditating has been proven to zap stress before it escalates to an all-time high. You can do this by downloading helpful apps to get you started or by sitting on the floor, close your eyes, and reciting a good mantra while slowing your breathing.

Even a few minutes a day can remove toxic emotions that pop up in our day to day lives. Meditation is highly popular right now and easy to find tips and routines from professionals all around. Remember, there is no wrong way to meditate. Find a method that works for you and, even if you can only squeeze in five minutes; it should always be scheduled into your day.

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Listen To Your Body
Sometimes stress isn’t just from emotions. We push our bodies to the breaking point and wonder what is wrong after months of neglecting it. Think of your body as a garden; the more love and nurture you give it the brighter it will bloom. The same goes for our bodies. You have one and only one (don’t ruin it).

Stress could come from lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, or even a lack of exercise. When I go days upon days sitting inside writing, I can feel a lethargic feeling come over me. I’ll spend the day walking around like a zombie always a little out of breath and even irritated when my boyfriend comes home. Exercising a few times a week has remarkably helped this! Take care of your body, and it will return the favor (I promise).

Try Out Journaling
No, it is not just for 13-year-olds who want to talk about the cute boy they like or how parents suck. Journaling can be a massive way of reducing stress. You know how you sometimes feel better ranting to a friend about a bad memory? Journaling can do the same thing. Keep a journal and write about any stressors that come to your mind. Sometimes naming it on a piece of paper lowers its power on you.

I keep two journals. One journal is for any stressful situations or when I just need to write down something that is on my mind. My other one is more of a regular journal that has my short term and long term goals, daily to-dos, and things I am grateful for. Known as a gratitude journal, naming good things in your life can be just as beneficial as writing down the bad. I look back on my gratitude journal on blah days to help lift me up and motivate me to work on the goals I wrote down.

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Find A Hobby You Love
Even if you don’t make money with a specific project, it doesn’t mean it is not equally important for you. I worked tirelessly for years at a job I didn’t like all that much until I realized it had consumed my life. I would go to work, come home and sleep, and repeat. I had no hobbies. Once I decided to change my life around I chose to find things I love doing and making them a top priority in my life.

No matter how big or how small you should take time doing what you love. Who knows! You might even turn that hobby into a full-time dream job. At the end of the day, the more good you put in your life, the less power stress has of taking over.


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