7 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Significant Other

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With a 9 to 5 grind, there are quite a lot of things that go on the back burner. We might slack on our exercise routine, let the laundry pile up, or become so lazy we just plop in bed and watch Netflix until we pass out (or maybe I just do that, oops). One thing that usually gets pushed aside is showing our appreciation to our partners. After a while our relationships turn into more of a definite ‘we are staying together’ so we occasionally slack on showing love towards each other.

This doesn’t make you are a terrible person. This makes you a human being. Even with family members, we will forget to call and not always say thank you just because they love us and we love them. While they know this without the appreciation, it is still, well, appreciated to be noticed once and a while. If you feel yourself slacking here are a few things to show you care and understand your partner.

Cleaning the house
This is a simple one that people definitely forget. For my mother’s birthday I was a little cash poor so, instead of buying a gift, I wrote her an endearing note and cleaned her house spotless while she was working. Not only did she tear up at the gesture she truly loved it more than some of the gifts I have purchased for her.

Gifts are great, but the thought behind it is what matters. Coming home after a long work week to a clean house is definitely a heartwarming feeling for anyone. You don’t need money to make someone smile; you just need to do something FOR them that they might not have time to do themselves.

Say ‘I love you’ more often
As a child, we were taught to end each conversation with “I love you.” I follow this motto every day with all of my loved ones. Not to turn this tragic but you never know if this is the last time you talk to a loved one. It does not matter if we just had a huge argument or I simply called to see what we want for dinner. At the end of each conversation or before bed each night I always say “I love you” to my significant other. I can personally tell you if you have kids that they do notice these little things and it stays with them throughout life.

Let them off the leash
This sounds a little demeaning, but it gets the point across. I see relationships where a partner wants to go out and have a drink, and the other gets upset about this. They are with you and love you. This does not mean that you own every minute of their life. The reason my relationship has been doing so fantastic is that we love each other when we are together but have enough trust and respect to give each other ‘alone time.’

It is a fact of the universe; no one likes being smothered. There is such a thing as spending too much time together, and friends should be just as important as relationships. Don’t be that person who forces your partner to pick between them and their friends or family. I promise one day they won’t pick you. It might not be spoken, but giving that space is appreciated to a loved one.

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Surprise them with intimacy
Not like jump out of a closet and jump them; this is not seductive it is just scary. Usually, in a relationship, one person is more significant in ‘setting the mood’ than the other. While not a bad thing I can assure you they appreciate when the tables are turned. When one person has to start things up every time, it might make them feel you are not attracted to them in that way.

Fatigue happens, and we are not always in the mood; that is ok. Switching it up occasionally is healthy for a long lasting relationship, however.

Cook dinner for two
With fast food and restaurants everywhere we let eating together become more of a necessity than a romantic gesture. There have been times we will go out to eat just due to pure laziness, and there is nothing romantic about it. One thing that has always been appreciated is walking in the door and seeing my partner cooking a nice dinner for us. Food is needed to survive, why not make it mean something as well.

Leave a sweet note
Since I was a little kid, I have been a fan of notes. It has that old romantic gesture of a love note that makes everyone swoon a little bit. If I’m leaving for a couple days or just have been too busy to really talk with my partner, I will put a little note on the bed about how much I love him or something to that extent.

Letters are often forgotten about but are more influential than you would think. Sometimes we cannot bring into words how we are feeling but can write them on paper. Having that physical piece of paper to hold and read has an endearing feel that everyone can appreciate.

Do something they like
We all have similar likes as well as different likes. This is what makes a relationship diverse and exciting. There are a lot of activities I hate doing that my partner loves. To show my love, I will occasionally go with him on specific outings that I know he loves to prove that I care about his likes and hobbies. Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy them you won’t regret the decision and, at the end of the day, you will enjoy being with them and knowing they are enjoying themselves.

It doesn’t take much for appreciation to set in. The point is to think of your significant other and to set aside time for them and their needs. Even if that means you have to spend a night doing something you might not enjoy as much (like rock climbing for me), it will be worth it when you see the smile you bring to their face.


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