Broke Girls Guide: Selena Gomez

If you have been following me since the beginning (which thank you! I was all over the place back then) you would know I already did a broke girls guide on Selena Gomez. Well, the girl has some envious style! Asking me to only post one of her outfits is like asking me to only blink 10 times a day; impossible.

I grew up watching Selena Gomez so, with that, I have watched her evolve into the stunning woman she is today. Her style evolution has been just as exciting to watch, turning into a professional yet youthful look that anyone and everyone could pull off! This outfit in my opinion is the epitome of her style; casual with a put together professionalism.

The blazer really makes the outfit, just being honest. When I was promoted to manager in a job lifetimes ago I had to wear blazers everyday. There was something about the black blazer that made me feel like I could conquer the world. Once you find that 'one black blazer' you'll never want to take it off!

Honestly, any black shirt will do underneath. I do appreciate how she has it tied at the bottom to give her a little more femininity and youthfulness to a look. Pair with a t-shirt or tank and you can tie a knot or not (see what I did there), the look really is flattering either way.

I say this often because I pick outfits like this often; a boyfriend jean is a necessity in every closet. I used to hate these until I tried my first pair on. They are flattering in a loose fitting sort of way which seems impossible, but really works with every size and shape. It gives a tomboy look while still having a girly touch (they are the impossibly possible jean in my opinion).

The accessories just add that CEO touch that I can get on board with. The heels and sunglasses remind me of editorial magazine while the red lips and black nail polish topped with a perfect bun make me want to go out and start my own company. She keeps everything very light but still adds pieces that truly tell a story. It is a fierce powerhouse outfit that everyone needs from time to time when confidence is at a low.

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