How To Achieve Perfect Beach Wave Hair

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Summer is upon us, and that means countless people with hair so envious we just want to steal it right off their heads (no…just me?). Beach waves have been a trend for a while, and I doubt they are going away anytime soon. There is something so sexy about that ‘I just woke up and did nothing’ look while still having volume and waves that cascade beautifully. What I love about these types of waves is that anyone can pull it off, they are easy to create, and you don't have to damage your locks to achieve the look.

I have incredibly curly of hair meaning that, while you would think it would be easy for me to pull off, it takes a little more work than I’d like. This is how I get those ‘just came from the beach’ waves with minimal products and heating tools. Whether you are straight hair or curly hair, this process will work for everyone (you might just be lucky enough to take a step or two out).

Right After The Shower
Ok, so that doesn’t seem like a step, I get it! This might change for everyone depending on their hair structure. With my curls, I start by taking a large toothed comb and gently brushing my hair out (a step you might not need). Then I spray a small amount of sea salt spray through my hair followed by a light scrunching with my fingers.

When scrunching, take your hands and, starting at the bottom of your hair, take chunks and ‘scrunch’ your strands to the root. This basically looks like you making a fist with your hands all the while moving upwards with hair (makes sense right?).

Braid Before Drying
I usually let my hair air dry so I will wash my hair in the evening and let it sit overnight. If you do this in the morning that works just as well! You can also spritz your hair with water if you are working with day 2 or 3 hair and have no urge to wash it just yet.

With your wet hair, separate your strands into 4-5 sections. With each area, lightly braid each from root to bottom making sure the braids are not too tight. This helps give you the beach wave look without a heating iron and looks a little sloppy (a look we actually want right now). Depending on how much curl you want in your hair will let you know how many braids to make.

If you are going for a natural light wave, you can separate your hair into two sections. If you want more curls, just do a few more parts before drying. Once your hair is dry, take out the braids and slowly comb your hair with your fingers. Try to avoid over combing or using a brush since that can flatten whatever curl your locks have created.

Photo by Courtney Clayton on Unsplash

Curl Your Hair (Optional)
In the morning I usually take out my braids and assess the situation. Sometimes a little curling is needed, other times it looks great as is! The trick here is to make sure we don’t over curl otherwise you no longer look like you came from the beach (unless they have a bathroom with a plug-in at your beach). I usually just mess with the front strands and one or two strands throughout only to enhance the curl.

With curling, make sure to curl each strand opposite. Let’s say you wrap your hair a certain way when curling. If you start going over the curling iron make sure to go under with your next strand. This ensures that no two strands look alike. Another tip? Curl your hair with the wand facing downward (towards your shoulders) and pull the hair flat immediately after. This will give it the perfect beach wave that is relaxed and look as if you woke up with the curl.

Spritz One More Time
After all, this is said and done a little extra product doesn’t hurt. I use a texturizing sea salt spray afterward to lightly spray throughout the strands. Then I ‘mess’ my hair up by gently scrunching, combing, and flipping my hair all about. While this technique might seem a tad crazy, it ensures the hair looks messy, something we actually do want in our hair today. Afterward, you can use a little hairspray to keep the curl or leave it be and enjoy the rest of your day!

Below I have some sprays that have been tested and loved for the beachy look. Even on days that I go to the beach, I’ll bring a sea salt spray for afterward (because a girl can never have too much beach, right?)


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