Is Cheating A Forgivable Act?

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This is a question I cannot answer for you. I wish things like this didn’t happen and I wish they were easy to go through. The problem is every situation is different and how you handle it is entirely up to you and your partner; no one else needs to push their opinions on you. While you might not be able to forgive and forget (or maybe you can) that decision is up to YOU.

I have noticed a lot that people always have an opinion about other people's relationships. While I love hearing advice from friends and family (just as you probably do) that does not mean they are the ultimate know all in your life. Before you put it in your minds, no I am not going through a cheating moment in my life right now but I do understand the stresses from past relationships.

For some of us cheating is the ultimate no no that is inexcusable, for others it depends on the situation. One thing I have learned in the small amount of time I have been alive is that no story is the same as another. While it might be hard in these certain moments listening can be a great asset. Unfortunately relationships can start to fall apart and, without communication, slips do happen. That does not mean that person does not love you or that it meant anything.

Or they are just garbage and want to sleep around without getting caught. The problem is you will never know if you don’t listen. Hear them out, talk with your friends and loved one, and decide what you feel in your heart is necessary. A huge thing to remember though is not to start straight out blaming one party and not the other. The person to blame is the one in the relationship with you. THEY cheated on you, not the other person.

I’m not saying become BFF with the person but blaming them won’t make the situation any better (and makes no sense if you are easily forgiving your partner). At the end of the day the decision is yours and yours alone. If you cannot fully forgive them then don’t punish yourself trying to. If you can FULLY forgive remember that you need to move forward. So many times I see people saying they can forgive and cheating months later to get back at their loved one. That isn’t forgiving; that is revenge.


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