Why An Exercise Partner Can Be Beneficial

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Some people genuinely love working out; I am not one of those people. While I like physical activities, I’ve never been a huge fan of going to a gym and working out. Over time I have realized that it wasn’t because working out sucks (which sometimes it does) but that I was doing monotonous routines that I wasn’t enjoying. Finding your method that you like (and changing it up) can change the game in exercising.

Once you find your groove a workout buddy is another critical factor in finding your bliss (while sweating). For the longest time, I was adamant about working out by myself. Personally, I enjoy going on a jog in the evenings, and I felt like all I needed was my music and a beautiful scenic area. It might seem embarrassing, but adding a partner to the mix was actually incredible.

You Can Keep Each Other Accountable
Sometimes we get lazy and decide not to go workout or only do half of the routine we set as our goal. Having a buddy makes it harder to ditch out or become lax. You can help them just as much as they can help you! We need that little extra push sometimes from a friend to help us go that extra mile.

Give Encouragement
You are so close to the end, but you feel like giving up. Having a friend give words of encouragement can push you further than you thought you could go. A good song and your own thoughts are a great asset to get through a painful session, but every now and again it feels good to have another person cheerleading you on.

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Can Do Partner Workouts
If you are into weights or boxing (or anything that involves more than one person), it is great to have someone you know helping out. While I might love jogging it does help to change things up, and partner activities can not only be challenging but a fun change from the same old same old. If anything it helps to have someone with you through the struggles and rewards.

Keep The Pace
I find myself slowing down more and more the longer I go but with a friend or loved one it helps keep the pace even. This goes hand in hand with staying accountable. Make sure to get a buddy who is at the same exercise level as you are though, otherwise it can feel a little one-sided when it comes to endurance. While exercising alone is excellent on its own a buddy can help push you in those harder sessions.


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