Why You Should Road Trip Instead of Fly

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Flying is fantastic when you have to go halfway across the world, don’t have reliable transportation, or just need to get somewhere fast. That doesn’t mean it is ALWAYS the best choice to make when visiting a new place (or old place). It might be cheesy, but the journey is sometimes better than the destination. If I have the option, I always pick road tripping over flying (and you should too)!

You see amazing things not seen from a plane
While the skyline of that big city from an airplane is breathtaking, you don’t always get a window seat or a cloudless day. When taking a car across the country, you see so many beautiful places that would be missed with a flight plan.

The great thing about a car is that you can also stop at these sights and take a moment to soak in the beauty. Even fields of grass can be beautiful, and those memories are worth the extra hours and a numb butt.

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The bonding is priceless
You don’t have to go it alone at a road trip, and I strongly advise you don’t (for driving purposes mostly). Not only can they help take shifts at driving but you would be amazed at how much bonding happens when you are stuck in a car with someone for hours on end.

Even if you go alone, you can still learn to bond with yourself (and act that we should all do more often). I have always been close with my mother, but our road trips have made us more of superglue than we have ever been; no 3-hour plane ride could have given that to us.

You can change the rulebook
Want to switch your destination? Go ahead! With a car as your home away from home you can change your mind last minute. While you could do that with a plane, it gets a little bit pricier, and you are stuck waiting for a new plane (and no one likes waiting). Our lives are so scheduled that it can sometimes be nice to not know everything.

Love a city you are passing through that wasn’t on the end plan list? Who cares! Stop for a night and spend a day learning a little more about the place. You are in control of where you go and where you end up.

It helps your driving skills
This might seem like a silly benefit but you would be amazed at how much it really helps. I don’t come from a huge city or a mountainous region so driving through these places used to freak me out to no end.

Now I have much more confidence behind the wheel which is something we can never get too much of. So go ahead, put a few extra miles on that car (I promise you will never regret the memories that come from it).

Do you prefer a plane or a car when traveling? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I agree with you, road trips are amazing!!


    1. Thanks! They might be a tad tiring but I've always loved hitting the road!


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