7 Must See Places In Arkansas

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There are certain states in America that are extremely underrated; Arkansas is one of those states. Known as the typical hillbilly joke state (a stereotype the locals probably don’t appreciate), people usually don’t realize the beauty and sites that this magnificent place has to offer. Every time I visit I find a new and equally amazing place that I never want to leave.

Whether you are just travelling through or stopping for vacation, these 7 destinations are definitely worth the stop. What I love about Arkansas is the mix between outdoor fun and city life. The scenery is too beautiful to not stop and camp for a night but the cities also have plenty to do and see. Don’t take my word for it though! Go ahead, visit and fall in love with this little home away from home.

Eureka Springs
I first visited this amazing tourist destination when I was a young child and, even though I forgot the name, the town stood out in my brain for years after. Now that I have visited as an adult I can truly say that this is a stop you must take if you are only visiting one area of Arkansas. Don’t worry! You will most likely find a place to stay since the town is loaded with hotels on every corner. Most people only come here during the ‘tourist months’ and even most stores are only open during these months as well.

The town is nestled into a mountain and winds around making it magical even just driving through. Eureka Springs is also located near most scenic destinations making it a great place to hang your hat (temporarily) as you set out on the adventure that is this magical town.
Horeshoe Canyon Ranch
If you love rock climbing this is definitely the place for you! Nestled in a mountain (are you getting the common theme here?) this ranch has so much to offer for climbers as well as non-climbers. Located in Jasper, Arkansas the area is a bit of a drive (and your GPS might lose you a couple times) but it is worth the trip! It has amazing routes for climbers, farm animals everywhere, trails to hike throughout the mountainside, and people who are the definition of kind.

Plus the great thing is (for those non campers out there) they have showers and bathrooms to clean up while camping out. For me, that is definitely a bonus!

Little Rock
Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas and probably the one city people know when hearing of the state. In addition to hiking, boating, and other outdoor activities this city also provides entertainment with a multitude of museums, theatres, and art centers. It also has amazing and unique restaurants that will have you craving more until you have eaten your weight in food.

Interested in history? Little Rock is also home to the Bill Clinton Presidential Library and Museum that has replica exhibits of the Oval Office as well as presidential artifacts.

Beaver Lake
Everyone in the Midwest is aware of Beaver Lake just because of the sheer magnitude and beauty the lake has to offer. Located in the Ozark Mountains, Beaver Lake is formed by a dam across the White River. It takes up around 31,700 acres and has over 400 miles of shoreline. The lake offers incredibly blue waters, natural caves, and cliffs making it one of the more popular tourist destinations in the state.
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Whitaker Point
We got lost for about an hour trying to find this place and, once we found it, realized we had to hike a few miles to get to the point. This might turn you off but I promise it is worth the trouble. It might take a little longer to get to than other traveling points (and make sure to wear sensible shoes) but it is on top lists for places to see for a reason! Whitaker point is a rock that juts out over a deep mountainous canyon.

You can literally stand on the edge of a cliff and lookout without falling to your death (but it is still possible if not careful). Words really can’t explain the beauty this place has to offer. Once you see it you will feel a weird peace and awe when looking out at the miles of beautiful green mountains that lay around and below the lookout point.

Hot Springs National Park
Located in central Garland County, Hot Springs National Park is exactly what you would expect from the name. With naturally sourced hot springs (and amazing scenery all around) this is something you must try if you have never been to a hot springs area before. You can set up camp near and hike around the park, letting your body relax after with a nice dip in one of the beautiful hot spring water areas.

Mountain Home
Mountain Home is a city located in the southern part of Ozark Mountains that deserves to be on the top stops in Arkansas. Most people come here to enjoy the Twin Lakes and all the outdoor activities this area has to offer (including boating, hiking, fishing, and much more). This area also showcases Bull Shoals Caverns, a cave that features an underground river and beauty that you can’t get just anywhere.

When it comes to Arkansas there is no shortage of things to do in this beautiful state. The Ozark Mountains give the state a beauty that is absolutely breathtaking and offers a range of fun outdoor activities that you and others will truly enjoy!


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