Broke Girls Guide: Emilia Clarke

This bad ass on the big screen and adorably loving woman in real life has been growing in fame ever since the first episode of Game of Thrones. I fell in love with the blonde warrior the first time I watched her and, after watching more of her, the love turned into adoration. Her Instagram is filled with goofy fun loving photos of her and family/friends that make you want to be best friends.

The reason I chose this look in particular is the mere fact that it is so unbelievably simple. I mean, it is just a white shirt and jeans but she makes it unique with the accessories she adds to the mix. Not only is this an easy look to duplicate for cheap but you have endless possibilities if you want to venture out and make it your own look!

The shirt and jeans are easy enough to grab almost anywhere. Most of us have this already laying around in our closet and, if not, should for the little fact that it is simple and easy to dress up or down for different occasions.

I love the boho bag and the arm candy she adds. The bracelets honestly look like handmade or sentimental items that she probably wears on casual days. While you cannot duplicate handmade as easily, you can make some friendship bracelets or simply buy a few pieces that you love and make sure to mix and match colors for the extra flare!

The hat kind of makes the outfit. I love the pop of yellow to this outfit! Hats are extremely underrated in my opinion. You can have the most bland outfit and put it together with a cute hat. Plus it is great for those tough hair days we all get. Put on shades and a hat and any piece is ready for errands, lunch, or just walking to a coffee shop.

Shoes are easily unique and something you can just grab from your closet and go. While you don't have to pick these I do love her boho match with the purse she is carrying. With the shoes, jewelry, and hat you can put this together in five minutes and make a simple look your own.


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