Broke Girls Guide: Kylie Jenner

Source: Kylie's Instagram

Love them or hate them I guarantee you have HEARD of the Kardashian/Jenner family. They have been called 'American Royalty' by several magazines and for a good reason. Whether you watch or not their show(s) get astronomical views and they know a thing or two about the art of business. In particular, Kylie Jenner has made herself known in the beauty world for running a vast empire known as Kylie Cosmetics. Her makeup line is out of this world amazing, especially her lip kits (which we all love even if some don't want to admit it).

One huge thing I have always loved about Kylie is the fact that she is not afraid to flaunt her gorgeous body. She is not shy when it comes to form fitting ensembles that show off every curve. Her (and her sisters) have made me, and other women all over feel like we should not shy away from curves but embrace them. This recent Instagram photo of Kylie's is a typical daily outfit that showcases her body, is so simple, and sexy/sophisticated at the same time.

While it looks like this outfit might be a two piece you can easily duplicate the look with a simple black t-shirt dress. What I love about these dresses is the fact that they can be played up or down depending on what you want that day. To me, this makes them more practical than fancier dresses since those can sometimes be too much for certain occasions.

The corset belt is what pulls this look together! If you are a little self-conscious, you can pick a belt that doesn't fit as snugly or go with no belt at all. I love the mix between the oversized t-shirt feel and the corset belt that brings back those beautiful curves she has. They both compliment each other perfectly and, if you follow her, is a typical piece she has in outfits.

This look is relatively minimal with a watch and bright lipstick to add color to the wardrobe (an accessory we all can get on board with). Typical to Kylie fashion you could pair this with white sneakers or upscale it a bit with heels. When I was younger, I would have never mixed a dress with regular sneakers, but on several occasions, Kylie has been seeing pulling the look off flawlessly (and it does look good on everyone).


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