Can President Trump Be A Good Thing?

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To put out a full disclosure before I start this article; I am not a Trump supporter. If I just lost you then thank you for reading my first sentence. I am not here to fill the screen with hate slander or to discourage your opinion. This is simply me stating an opinion and opening a discussion about something I have had on my mind for a long while now.

While I love writing about beauty and the like it has felt almost empty in comparison to other important matters I could be discussing. I started my website to help others and share tips and knowledge. It was not created to spread hate or to be a bash fest like most news is these days. That being said, I have put my opinions and views in deep corners for fear of being treated as badly as others have been treated. Several times I have cried out for this simple matter.

Fear of speaking out has been brainwashed as a normal fear for some years now. Today I have decided not to have fear in my heart anymore. After Trump won the presidential election I cried for some time after. I watched the political standpoints and just assumed it was never going to occur. Yes, he had the money to run but I never thought he had the support to win. Don’t get me wrong, both major candidates had wrongs that I didn’t believe in.

Before this presidential election I never followed politics. Not necessarily because I did not care but more because I had never felt knowledgeable enough to make a decision. I trusted whoever was behind that desk and never once thought of going to the stands and voting. That is one thing I can thank Trump for; because of him I have educated myself on politics, on the state of America, and the state of the world.

On so many hands I could list why I don’t like Trump and why I don’t believe he is a good President for this country. However there is a part of me who sees this as an opportunity for America. Now more than ever people are actually listening to what is happening and educating themselves on matters that are important. My generation is starting to tune in and have a voice when before we just watched as the ‘grown ups’ did their thing. Not saying all young people were like me, but for the people I know we felt like there were more important things than a silly election.

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Now when we go on dates we ask about likes and dislikes, fears and aspirations, republican or democrat. It seems as if we have a divided nation and no one wants to listen to the other because we are too stubborn to listen. While the Civil War was a horrid affair and so many lives lost, it was due to a divided nation. The good that came from this war was the freeing of slaves and a step in the right direction for equality.

War is never a good thing and a divided nation is not necessarily looked at as great. Yet, true change comes from controversy. It comes from fights and resolutions. You see it everywhere you look in the news. The #Metoo movement came from sitting silent for too long and finding the strength to stand up. America is standing up and it is time we listened.

There are times when I feel an uncontrollable sadness take over. The fact that we even have a #Metoo movement disgusts me to my core. Or listening to a friend talk about immigrants as if they are gum stuck on the bottom of their shoe. It can be so disheartening and feel almost impossible to do anything with that type of hatred put into the atmosphere. I’m here to say you are not alone and you can fight. It doesn’t mean starting a riot or becoming an anarchist like so many news stories want you to believe.

Fighting can simply mean educating yourself on the matters. That way when someone does have a belief you can stand up and use pointed facts at your defense. It doesn’t matter if they don’t want to listen; it only matters if YOU stand and try to be heard. It means listening to the upcoming candidates of ALL elections and voting for who you believe in.

What makes America great is the fact that we do live in a country where we can voice our opinions (even though some people might not agree with that). Not to get geeky but the marvel movies have one thing in common…good always conquers evil. Your voice does matter and it is our right and job to voice it, especially for those who feel their voice not being heard in these troubling times.

I come from a privileged household. While I grew up poor and have problems that seem severe to me they do not compare to what others are going through in and outside of America. This is not a rant to make you think America is worse than some countries out their without food, water, and shelter. I KNOW I have it better than others. I also know that I want future generations to have it even better. We should always strive for that next step of success.

So thank you Trump. Because of you I have learned that cruelties do live and breathe in this world and must be spoken out against. Because of you I have educated myself so that next time an election is up I will let my voice be heard. The thanks I give are not due to you being a great leader but because you are an impressionable leader. You have somehow caused a divided nation with the words you speak and the opinions you try to enforce. I still have faith in America though; a divided nation in the past has ended in great victory. It can mean that again if we decide it to.


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