Gifts You Can Give Yourself For Your Birthday

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With my birthday fast approaching I felt like giving myself a gift this year instead of just celebrating the day. Most birthday’s after a certain point kind of lose their lackluster and we stop getting hyped up about them. As a kid, we are excited three months before the scheduled date thinking what parents are going to give us or if there will be a surprise party. Once we hit a certain age the presents slow down and the parties become hangouts.

While I still love celebrating the day with a few friends and family and don’t need presents, a little something is missing. I’ve decided this year I would start a new tradition by giving myself something special. Once we get a job we can save up money for ourselves and, while most of us save that or spend it on bills, a birthday is a great day to use a little of that saved up cash just for us.

Even if you don’t have much money, you can still pamper yourself on this big day. Below I have a few different ideas of what you could do to put a little pep in your step or just add a little something to your day. Plus it always feels exciting to be able to give yourself a reward with money you worked hard for. Two gifts in one! So happy birthday to any of you July/August babies and to all the others who are reading this but don’t have their big day till later on in the year. I hope it is one of the greatest days of your life!

Spa day
A little pampering never hurt and is a great gift to give yourself on this day (especially if you are a mother). Get someone to watch your kids if you have any and schedule an appointment to get a nice massage or the big package that most spas offer. Don’t like people touching you? A spa can even consist of just getting a little mani/pedi or a nice facial that you wouldn’t get on any other typical day.
The point here is to pamper yourself in a way you wouldn’t normally do. That could mean buying a couple face masks from the drugstore, spraying a room with lavender, and watching Netflix while you paint your own nails. A spa day is more of a relaxing time where you are not stressing about everyday worries and letting your body unwind.  

Head to a fun attraction
Usually, fun adventures are left for vacations or special days. This is definitely a special day that can be used to have a little fun. Invite family or friends and head to an attraction you don’t always go to (or have never gone to). This could mean a day at the zoo, amusement park, or even your local pool/beach. The point here is to get out with friends and loved ones and have a good old fashion adventure.

Some of us like to unwind while others want to explore. While I’m a pampered girl, I know my boyfriend loves to go camping, rock climbing…well, anything that involves outside. Maybe take a little weekend trip and do these things you don’t always get to do. As long as you have a good time I promise you will love your birthday!

BBQ out
Again, these are usually done on holidays and special days (like your birthday). This is a cheap way of having a great time if you don’t have the cash to do other things. Invite all your loved ones over and fire up the grill. You can have each person bring a food item to keep it as budget friendly as possible and come up with some fun yard games for grown-ups and kids.

To me, this is one of my favorite birthday gifts for the simple fact that I love spending time with my family and I love food (a real win-win scenario). You can even purchase a cheap little fire pit and have the afternoon party spread into the evening. Great conversations and fire are always a recipe for a fantastic day.

Purchase a little something for yourself
If anything you can always go out and get yourself something you wouldn’t necessarily purchase any other day. This could range from a piece of jewelry to new glasses (something I always put off). The point is to treat yourself in a way you don’t get to. For me personally, I feel a tad selfish spending money on myself when it could be going to so many other things. Most of us think this way with bills looming overhead, kids who need everything under the sun, and goals of a new house or car circling around in our minds.

Today is the day to ignore those a little bit and be selfish (it is okay, promise). We spend 364 days thinking of others (well, MOST of us do. Some are selfish people all the time) so today is a day you can be a little wild and purchase that item you have been wanting. If you have no ideas, I have below a few things that are great little presents to ourselves. Buy one or all and have a grand day!

Ask for a gift from  a loved one
This seems so incredibly awkward but can actually be a blessing in disguise. Loved ones don’t always know what to give you and probably appreciate when you give hints or just say what you want. Whether it is for a clean house and a day by yourself or an actual present, it never hurts to ask. This year I decided that I wanted a new computer. It was a big ticket item that I would never usually buy for myself, and it was time for a new one (think super glued keys and electrical tape holding together a frame).

While I could not afford it myself, I knew I could ask my mother. I fought in my head for hours debating if I could ask for that type of money until I finally just casually brought it up. Not only was she so pleased to help she was so ecstatic that I had finally asked for assistance and told her what I wanted. Fortunately, my boyfriend surprised me by paying the other half making it a free gift but you still get the picture. The worst thing that can happen is them saying no. But, it being your birthday, you would be surprised how sweet people will turn on this special day of yours!


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