How to Minimalize Your Home and Your Life

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Several months ago I came across several articles on minimalism and why so many people were signing up to live a minimalist lifestyle. It had me so fascinated that I read and watched different versions of ‘minimalism’ and how to start the process for beginners. After de-cluttering my entire house (which took a lot longer than I would have imagined) and moving on to my other points in my life, I can officially say it was the best thing I could have ever done.
Why should I de-clutter my life?

You might think it seems silly to do this. After all, most of us spring clean each year, and that seems to be good enough. If you like your house and life the way it is and feel like this is pointless than by all means stay with your routine. The reason I chose to start this was to clean up my house and get rid of unwanted items, save a few dollars, and create an efficient and less stressful work environment (and home). Minimalism can help with all these things as well as
  • Creating a more attractive space
  • Saves time when looking for things
  • Free up space
  • Create a peaceful environment
  • Create a sense of freedom
Be warned though, this isn’t a day project. I’ve seen some plans that take up to a month to complete and, in all honesty, it is usually an ongoing project (since we always are buying things). If you do want to give it a try, I would highly recommend reading a few articles from The Minimalists, the two men who brought light to this lifestyle. You can also Youtube the topic to see how other people have started to give ideas on where to start.

Take your time
When starting this, it seems like you get a little stuck as to where you should start. Don’t let it overwhelm you! Start small and move intentionally throughout the house. I picked clothing as my first project. I went through every piece of clothing I owned and made three piles; keep, get rid of, and maybe. I donated the items I was getting rid of and put the maybes in a box to stash away. After 3 months I reassessed the clothing to see what I grabbed out of it and what I didn’t (which meant most of it was donated).

After that, I moved on to accessories, purses, shoes…you get the point. This isn’t an overall cleaning but a more detailed cleaning. It will take you a while but afterwards I promise you will feel accomplished. The point is to carefully look at each individual piece and think, “Does this bring me joy? How often do I really use this?”

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Don’t get all sentimental
A lot of us hold on to things because we MIGHT use it in the future or because someone gave it to us and we don’t want to be rude and dispose of it. While you can keep sentimental items that genuinely mean something personal to you that does not imply everything in your house has sentiment. Those shot glasses a friend bought years ago that are collecting dust are probably not a necessity in your life. Same with the drawer of manuals we kept for items that are well over 5 years old.

Clean intentionally. Be realistic about how much happiness an item brings you and don’t romanticize something you never look at. The object of this project is to come into a home and have everything in it bring you joy or gives you essential needs (like a bed and clothes).

Clean your social life
This was probably the most time consuming as well as the most rewarding part of the entire journey. While I loved coming home to this free space, I still had clutter in my life. We don’t realize how much mail we get that we just throw out or the number of emails we receive that never get opened. These things clog up our electronics as well as our minds. With cleaning this area of my life, I just started with my emails. I went through each one (which took a while) and unsubscribed to emails that I never opened. Then I created folders for ones that I did open and, after reading them, now put them in their respective homes or deleted if not needed anymore.

Once emails were accomplished, I moved on to my phone and did the same thing. I did this by deleting apps that hadn’t been opened in far too long and deleting/organizing photos. Again, don’t become sentimental on everything. Most of my photos were ideas or quotes from Pinterest that, realistically, I could just open up on the actual app.

These were great starting spots for me when starting my new minimalistic lifestyle. If you want to read on more interesting articles that can help you, I will list a few below to get started. This might not be for everyone, but I can assure you it will not be a project you regret if you take the plunge.


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