The Benefits Coconut Water Has On Your Skin

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Paradise is a word that has one definition but can still mean something different to each individual. A common theme is sitting on a tropical beach while hearing the rush of waves hit the shore. You’re sitting on a sandy towel, an umbrella giving slight shade, and coconut with a straw held in one hand (SPF in the other).

For me, coconuts are always in the mix when it comes to health, tastiness, and paradise. We all know the benefits of coconut oil (a product that has blown up in the beauty industry), but we don’t often hear about coconut water. While it is not often talked about it is equal if not more significant in my regimen than that of coconut oil. Not only is it a refreshing drink but it has incredible health benefits for your body (inside and out).

I could go on about the health benefits of coconut water, but today I’m more interested in the beauty benefits it has. Instead of filling up on chemicals and peels, try out this natural drink that can bring benefits that some of the expensive creams can give you (for way cheaper I might add).

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Anti-Aging Properties
The great thing about this drink is you can, well, drink it or you can use it as a toner for your skin as well. Coconut water has been known to diminish signs of aging due to the lauric acid and cytokines inside the drink. Lauric acid helps prevents the skin from infections while cytokines help cell growth and activation.

You can add it to your nighttime ritual for the skin or just drink a glass every day to obtain these excellent properties.

Moisturizes the Skin
Just like oil, coconut water helps in moisturizing the skin. Again, you can use it in and out of the body. Drinking coconut water helps to hydrate your body which in turn keeps your skin healthy and glowing. You can also add it in your shower by putting it in a spray bottle and spraying all over the body before showering. Wait a few minutes before washing it off (which I suggest since it can become a tad sticky) and watch your skin grow softer with each wash.

Natural Cleanser/Toner
A lot of people started using oil to wash away impurities from their face. While this is great, it can be a little much for oily skin or skin prone to build up. Coconut water is an excellent second to this if you have these issues. It works as a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin (for those prone to breakouts). You can easily dab some on a cotton swab and apply to your skin like you would a toner. This works similar to micellar water in cleaning away makeup and buildup from the day.

As a toner, the water helps reduce pores and regulates the natural PH of your skin without the harsh alcohol levels that some toners have.

Helps Soothe the Burn
Sunburns are never fun and sometimes feel impossible to get rid of. While Aloe Vera works at numbing the pain you can also use coconut water to heal the burn a little bit faster (again, without any harsh chemicals). The natural antioxidant properties with Vitamin C both work together in reducing the sunburn.

You can spray it all over your skin before a shower, let sit a while, and then wash off with lukewarm or cold water. This technique will help relieve the pain of the sunburn and, if you do this immediately, can keep it from blossoming into a full-on burn.

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Hair Benefits
Not only is this drink amazing for your skin but it also has excellent benefits for your hair as well! Coconut water can:

  • stimulate hair growth
  • add shine
  • control dandruff
  • treat damaged hair
  • prevent hair loss
With it being lighter than coconut oil, coconut water is a great alternative to smooth strands without the heaviness. It is rich in Vitamin K and Iron which helps in the prevention of hair loss and promotes hair growth. Just like the skin and body, it also works at hydrating your scalp to keep the pesky dryness at bay during the colder months.

Overall, it is just a phenomenal product to have on hand all the time. It has a nutty, sweet taste that most people enjoy and can be added to smoothies for a little kick of nutrients. Not to mention, it can replace a good chunk of those pricier skincare products for an all-in-one product that promotes healthy glowing skin.


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