5 Morning Rituals For Success

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Mornings can be hard; especially if you are not a morning person (guilty as charged). Every human is made differently and that is what makes us all so incredibly special. Whether you wake up bright and early or a little bit later a wake-up routine can help set our day on the right track. I know for me personally when I stick to a certain regimen each morning I have a more productive day and feel better all around for anything life throws my way.

Success is defined differently for all of us. When I talk about a successful day it usually entails getting all of my daily goals accomplished, spending some time for myself, and enjoying every moment. All of these might be extremely useful for you or none of them help whatsoever. The point is to try out new things that will give you the best out of each day. I've tried out different routines and rituals and these are my 5 top morning rituals for success.

Wake-up without your phone
I used to wake up every morning and immediately look at my phone. I would spend several minutes lying there scrolling through social media feeds and catching up on emails. While some people love doing this I realized it was causing too much stress for my morning brain to handle. I still have this little ritual but I keep it for moments after I have fully wakened up and enjoyed my morning.

Instead of looking at your phone right away try to get out of bed and do something (or step outside for a moment). Natural light is healthier for your eyes and the combination of light and standing will help you fully wake up before starting your day. I promise your phone will still be there when you get back.

Some form of exercise
If you read the morning routines of some of the top successful leaders you will see most of them have some form of exercise they start the day with. While I don't have that much time (and my body is not ready for an intensive workout) I do firmly believe in moving your body in some way or another. This can be as simple as a ten-minute stretch or yoga session.

You don't have to build up a sweat to move your body. Getting your blood pumping just slightly higher will not only help you wake up but it can boost your metabolism and give you more energy throughout the day. If you are a morning person than I would highly suggest a more intensive workout! Typically morning people lose steam throughout the day and talk themselves out of exercising. For me, it is easier to do a simple stretch and do a full workout later on in the day. Find what works for you and see how this little step can improve your entire day.

Pick a self-care ritual
It can be anything that brings you a little bliss. Giving yourself time in the morning puts our minds on the right path for a more productive and successful day. This can be as simple as taking a nice hot shower in the morning or soaking up that warm cup of coffee before emails. The point is to give yourself time before you spend your hours focusing on other things.

Self-care is something I stand by 100%. I have talked about it here and here because it is vitally important for our mind and body to give a little rest and recovery. Most of us think of doing this before bed (which I also highly agree with) but don't think about this in the morning. I find giving myself 10-15 minutes to do what I like sets a great mood for the entire day.

Write it down
Whether it be a journal or a to-do list there is something extremely therapeutic about writing things down. I'm a computer gal just like most others and, while I have an online calendar, I still write my goals and to-dos down on paper. Not only is this a form of self-care for me but I also find it makes it more likely for the task to be completed. When we physically write something down it helps us keep it in our minds longer.

At night I write for a few minutes as my self-care ritual. I have a gratitude journal where I write about things that happened throughout the day that I was happy with, things in life I am grateful for, or just moments I don't want to forget. In the morning I use this journal as a little reminder of my gratitude's from the previous day as well as small little goals I would like to accomplish. This has helped in scheduling my time accordingly for a successful day.

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Eat a nutritional breakfast
You have heard it before and I simply reiterating the fact; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I love eating a healthy breakfast while reading the news or articles I have saved. This gives me brain food as well as actual food to start my morning on the right track. Breakfast was not always been in my routine for success for the simple reason of not being hungry when I wake up. For some of us, it is a habit we have to consciously form. However, I do believe this is one vital step we should all form for a healthier body and life.

A nutritionally balanced breakfast will give you more energy throughout the day, help you lose weight (yes, eating can help!), and can actually improve memory and concentration levels. I try to keep my meal balanced with some form of protein (like eggs), a portion of fruit, and some form of healthy fat (live avocado). I have found this to give me the most success throughout the day. Find what works for you and take time to enjoy your morning routine; after all, if you don't enjoy the start of the day it makes it that more difficult to enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. Great ideas to wake up to! I think I will try to do more stretching poses and keep away from my phone to start with!

    Trace :o) | http://www.thefashioncollector.com

    1. Thank you! Leaving my phone alone for a little bit has changed my entire attitude in the morning!

  2. Great post Bethany. I've had insomnia for last few months and only recently seeking medical aid for it. This is so important to wake up early, if we want to finish all the tasks in time. Loved the idea of "gratitude journal" too. Thanks for sharing your ideas. :)

    1. Thank you!! I dealt with insomnia some years back so I completely get the struggle there! I hope it improves :)

  3. Hi Bethany, great post on morning routines! I’m a big fan of having a morning routine. I believe it helps to jump-start your brain for succes.

  4. Really great points here! I should really look into my own rituals and change them!

  5. Really great tips here! I tend to wake up and rush to get out the door within 30 minutes flat. By giving just a little extra time, it would definitely start my day out better and probably even make the rest of the day feel smoother. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I was the same way! It really has made my entire day better by waking up a little bit earlier.


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