5 Steps To Help You Prepare For Your Upcoming Trip

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Whether you are going on a trip for personal or business reasons, we all know there are a few steps we must take before heading out the door. Packing is a huge one, and I recently talked about how to pack appropriately here. One thing we might forget about is actually planning a few things before leaving for this different destination. I'm all for spontaneity, but sometimes a little guideline can make the world of difference when we are in new territory. These are my steps I take in preparing for an upcoming trip.

Check the weather
I talked about this briefly when packing but feel like it should be mentioned here as well. Not only does this help you plan what clothing you will bring but it can also help you plan what you are doing as well. If you are headed to a place that will be raining the entire time or have below freezing temperatures, it might rearrange a few events in your to-do list.

Not only this but you will be able to bring things like an umbrella, snow boots, or swimsuit depending on the weather on your upcoming trip. You can still live a spontaneous life with the knowledge of rain or sun.

Research different hotels
This girl here is a 'find a hotel 10 minutes before I arrive' type. While I have been fortunate enough to not have this leave me homeless for a night it is also a tad stupid on my part. This usually means I have to try a few hotels because they are either booked, or they are closed when I arrive (yes, some hotels have office hours). Researching ahead of time could be the best thing you could do for your stress levels.

Not only does this help ensure you have a home away from home, but you can also take time to see what hotels offer the best prices and which will be the best location for where you will be going to. A hotel closer to areas you will be seeing is not only easier but could save you some gas money. Don't be like me...make sure you have a place to stay before diving into new lands.

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Look up food and attractions in the area
Even if you have a set agenda, it doesn't hurt to look these things up ahead of time before the big trip. Not only can this give you an idea of where to eat or what to see but it might even give you an opportunity to do something you wouldn't typically do.

When I went to San Francisco, I immediately looked up things to do. While I had an idea of things I wanted to see I wasn't aware of half the places my search results had brought up. This made our trip jam-packed with fun excursions (and kept our stomachs happy with amazing foods).

Tie up things on the home end
We have all done it. A few hours after leaving our mind pops up with something we meant to do but completely forgot. Making a list of little to-dos will keep your mind at ease while away from home. Make sure pets have a place to stay, someone knows to water the plants, or your mail gets checked and brought in the house. We once had left on an extended vacation and came back to a mailbox filled to the brim. This might not be detrimental, but it can add extra stress once home.

This also applies to your work. You can set a little autopilot email for anyone who is trying to get hold of you and make sure if anyone needs to get in touch with you there is someone to take the message or an answering machine set in place.

Clean the house up and call loved ones
Nothing feels better than coming home after a long trip and seeing a clean and tidy home. Throw away any leftovers or foods that will most likely expire, clean up dishes, and finish extra laundry. This might seem like a silly thing to do, but I promise you will feel grateful once home. After a big trip, we can sometimes feel a tad depressed to be back home. All the stresses of life flood us...a dirty house should not be one of them.

Not only is cleaning your house a critical step but alerting loved ones can be extremely beneficial as well. Letting someone know where you are going and places you will be staying not only gives them peace of mind, but it could save your life. We never want to think about the negatives of being in strange territory, but bad things can happen. Being as prepared as possible could save your life if you (for whatever reason) don't come home on time.


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