5 Ways To Meet A Potential Date

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Meeting a potential date in this day and age seems close to impossible. With all the dating apps out there it becomes difficult to find a match in the real world. Some people do meet the love of their life on a dating website (queue the match.com advertisement) but more times than not it is just a dud. I was lucky enough to meet my partner at a job we both used to work at, but even this is not always the case.

Don't fret! There are still ways to meet a man or woman without having to fill out a 30-minute survey, paying way too much money, or falling in hopes of 'the one' being there to catch your fall. I promise that a lot of people are out there and ready to date. You just have to open up your horizons and keep your eyes open for opportunities. Below I have 5 ideas to help you meet a potential partner.

Go to an event or try out a new activity
What does your day look like? I know mine looks like work, coffee shop, family time, and then home for bed. If you have something similar to your routine, you will never find a potential date. While there are those rare occasions, you will meet someone at a gas station or your local grocers the probability is pretty low. Put yourself out there!

Sign up for a few classes at your gym or go to a concert alone. Most of the time if you go in groups it makes it a little more difficult to scout out a date and even harder for people to approach you. I get that it feels awkward to do something alone, but I promise people don't really care. Walk with some confidence and just look around. I know a lot of people who have found their significant other while taking a cooking class or sitting at a coffee shop.

The point here is to open yourself up to possibilities. Next time you think about going through a drive-through at your coffee spot switch it up and go inside. It is a simple fact that you are more likely to find someone when you are around more people. Want a drink? Go to a bar and sit alone for a little bit. Again, it will only feel awkward if you let it. People are more likely to come up to you if you are sitting alone and then you can start to strike up a conversation.

Try to look more available
This does not mean go out dressing in short dresses and high heels all the time (although you can if that's what you like). This more means be aware of the body language you are putting off. We all get that resting b!tch face that no one wants to meet. You can do this by keeping your eye contact with the cutie staring at you and giving warm smiles.

A way to keep your body language open is to keep your arms and legs uncrossed. This puts off an image that you are relaxed and ready for a conversation. Try to keep your arms by your sides or even use them in movement with conversations. Arms that are lying in front of the body gives off a nervous vibe that people usually do in interviews. Let's be honest; going on a date is to some extent an interview. Keeping your body relaxed and open is an excellent way for people to see you are ready to mingle.

Don't be scared to make the first move
Ladies, we need to get out of the old school way of thinking. Going up to chat with someone is not a sign of neediness. I am not saying every lady is scared of this confrontation, but I see it more commonly in women than men. Frankly, men are scared to make the first move (especially when you are in a group).

Whether you are scouting out a man or a woman you just need to go up and take a chance. Usually, you can tell pretty quickly if they are not interested. You can casually bring up something around you to start a conversation. If they are short in reply and seem to not care then, they are probably not interested. Feeling a little brave? Just go in and ask them out. The worst possibility is that they say no and you move along.

If you wait around for your soulmate to chat with you, it might never happen. We are all nervous to make that first step. Once you get it out of the way, you are more likely to meet someone and have a great talk that could lead to a date or even marriage (but let's not rush the process).

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Open up your social networks
While you don't need a dating website to meet someone it does help to be more open in the media world. One way you can meet a person is through friends. Without stalking, you can look at your friend's circle and see if anyone catches your eye. Afterward, you could casually ask your friend to invite them to a movie night or bowling with friends.

I was way too nervous to meet my current boyfriend. Since I was not brave enough to make the first move I had my friend invite him out for a night of bowling with a group of pals. Not only was it a lot easier to talk in a group setting but it took off that pressure of a first date and the potential for rejection. The point is to ask and try even if you are scared. You'll never know if it will work out if you don't at least try.

Spend more time alone
I vaguely talked about this in the first option, but it deserves its own slot. Like I said before, it can be challenging for a guy or girl to go up and talk when you are with a group of friends. Rejection is scary, and most people don't want an audience to the show. Being alone makes it a lot easier for someone to feel comfortable walking up and asking you out. This also is beneficial for you to scout the field.

When we are with a group, we usually have our attention on them. Once you start sitting alone, you have more time to look around at your surroundings. This gives you a chance to see that hottie who is seated alone just across the table. Ask if the seat is empty next to them and just go for it! Spark up a conversation, offer a drink, whatever feels comfortable to you. Not everyone sits alone to find a potential date, but it never hurts to ask.

At the end of the day, the more open you are, the more potential you have for meeting a future date. If you do want to try dating websites that is perfectly fine! Personally, I like to actually see someone in real life and have a conversation instead of a text chat. It is all up to you and your preferences. Let me know in the comments below ways you have found useful to find dates. For those of you already taken, how did you meet your significant other?


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