Broke Girls Guide: Blake Lively

Welcome to my ultimate woman crush (and my ultimate broke girls guide outfit); the beautiful woman who was the main character in my binge-worthy TV show, the woman who is married to my man crush. Yes, I am talking about the lovely and talented Blake Lively. She exudes this classy, sweet, fantastic personality that seeps out of every magazine and movie she is in. Her hair always flawless and, with a smile that can stun, her style has the same sophistication that her personality gives through the screen.

I chose this outfit because, while it doesn’t have too many pieces, it is stunning with the clash of black and white. Typically you see this style reversed (black skirt and jacket with a white shirt), but she takes this to an entirely new level. This outfit is one you would put on to conquer the world before you even had your first coffee. It has a simple elegance paired with a more rocker feel and it all matches together flawlessly.

The skirt is the perfect flirty length and cut that would look amazing on anyone. I love skirts that are a little higher up on the stomach because, while we can’t all have her body, we can look just as amazing in this outfit. Higher waistlines help accentuate without looking flabby (not that you ever look flabby!). The cut gives it excellent sex appeal and makes any look go from ok to date night.

The contrast of the simple black shirt works so well in this ensemble. She does a phenomenal job of making all pieces coherent, matching the same black with her shoes (which are amazing). You could go with a t-shirt or long sleeve depending on your mood, and the great thing is most of us can find a black shirt somewhere in our wardrobes.

While these options I have below are cheaper versions of her absolutely stunning jacket, I do suggest splurging, if you can, on a great moto jacket. A white jacket can be paired with almost anything, and you really will get great use out of it for the price you pay. If you can’t, these options work just as well too giving your outfit that perfectly put together vibe.

Again, the girl knows how to pair things flawlessly. The clutch matches well with the white she is wearing and is light where a larger bag might muddy the outfit. THOSE SHOES THOUGH! To say I’m obsessed with her shoes would be an understatement. They look like they came right off of Charlize Theron’s feet from Atomic Blonde (if you haven’t seen the movie I highly suggest watching it). They are rocker badass and really give the outfit a new personality. These options might not be quite the same, but you will still feel amazingly badass rocking them!

She sticks with a silver theme which works well (although you could do gold if you so wanted). She pairs this with silver aviators and some chunky bracelets that don’t really pop out but add a finishing top on this already fantastic cake. While we might not be able to marry Ryan Reynolds or have flawless skin/hair all the time like this beauty, we can definitely dress like her with these pieces!


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