Broke Girls Guide: Hilary Duff

This week for my Broke Girls Guide I have decided to pick someone who I have been a fan of since my teenage years. Almost every person I know watched Lizzie Mcguire or had seen a movie portrayed by the lovely Hilary Duff. I was the girl who watched every film, owned every album, and even had a poster of her hanging on my wall. Hilary Duff was (and still is) my idol. Not only did she amaze in her movies and on her tv show but she also seemed like the perfect girl next door in real life as well.

Nowadays she focuses on being an amazing mother and has a new tv show that she stuns in (yes, I'm still as obsessed with her as I was at 13). I love everything about this Broke Girls Guide pick...including her fashion sense! It has changed throughout the years but has always kept this casual boho look that I wish I could pull off as effortlessly as Hilary Duff does. As always, I have below cheaper options if you would like to get this look for yourself.

I've talked about overalls before in Broke Girls Guide: Zendaya. They were huge when I was a kid and are coming back with even better styles. I'm a girl who likes simplicity and overalls are one of the most accessible fashion statements for anyone to pull off. 90% of your outfit is done when you put these on, and they can quickly show off your beautiful figure. You really can do almost anything with a pair of these in your wardrobe.

A white tank is a white tank; no fluff needed. Almost all of us own one, and you can use them to enhance an outfit or just to slip on to get coffee. While you can pair this outfit with literally anything in your wardrobe (well, almost anything), a white tank gives this a clean look that I adore.

Not going to lie, I absolutely love shoes but don't own that many. Blame it on my indecisiveness or lack of financial aid, but I only have a handful of pairs (still more than my boyfriend though). Over 80% of my choices are, in fact, booties. I think they look fabulous with any outfit and give a little boho pizazz that looks amazing on everyone. Trust me, these shoes are worth investing in.

A slouchy bag not only looks boho and cute but can hold a lot (a bonus I'm on board with). Paired with large hoops and sunglasses can give this look a little extra while still remaining casual. Hilary Duff is excellent at adding accessories to simple outfits, but I also love how simple (yet big) she kept her look. You can wear this to run errands and then head to a small lunch with friends.


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