Broke Girls Guide: Kim Kardashian

A girl who knows how to make an entrance while having controversy all around her. She also has a phenomenal fragrance line and knows how to rock motherhood in style. I am talking about the well known Kim Kardashian. Right now she has rocked the boat on social media with her clip of Keeping Up With the Kardashians where she gets into a large spat with her sister Kourtney. You might not care or you might be hanging on to every word. The fact is you at least know what I am talking about or, at the very least, know the name.

Kim Kardashian is known for her style and looks. She is great at working with her body and is not afraid to show off the curves she has. I chose this outfit for my Broke Girls Guide this week because it is a classic Kim look. It is also a great look for those who want to show off some curves but might be a little self-conscious to put it all out there. Below I have put together some options so that you can have this elegantly feminine piece while still being able to pay for rent.

The bodycon dress is almost a necessity in the Kardashian family. I love the baby pink color that gives a soft look while still being incredibly sexy. It is hard to rock a dress like this with insecurities but the cropped turtleneck definitely gives it a more comfortable approach. Still, you should wear this dress with confidence as the beautiful person you are!

I am in love with this cropped shirt. I would even say it should be a staple in any wardrobe. If you are uncomfortable rocking that type of dress you could easily pair this with high waisted jeans or a maxi skirt. Personally, I think baby pink is a beautiful color that is flattering on almost any skin type but you can always find a color that makes you drool. 

Have you ever seen a picture with Kim wearing sweats and heels? Somehow she finds a way to rock the look no matter what. She definitely proves that you can wear the high heels no matter what the occasion! Below I have a couple options that will look flattering without breaking the bank.

Her clutch probably cost more than my house but it is definitely beautiful! You can get a little clutch in a matching color or you could just use what you got (because free is always better). Kim uses this as an accessory more than a necessity which gives the look a certain elegance. I would probably put in some studs or a small little necklace but you can definitely take the look and make it your own. Slap on some pale shaded nail polish and conquer the world in this outfit!



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