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You may or may not have heard of the little town of Lindsborg or heard the term 'Little Sweden' when talking about places in Kansas. While it might not be a highly talked about town it is definitely known for its amazing heritage and the artistic talent that lives in the sweet area some people call home. The town itself looks like a scene from a cute little movie (or even neighboring towns with Gilmore Girls).

Lindsborg was founded by Swedish immigrants in 1869 who came from the Varmland of Sweden; a group that was led by Pastor Olof Olsson. You can enjoy amazing Swedish meals at the local restaurant The Swedish Crown or go to the local gift shop and buy yourself a little Dala horse (smaller versions of the little-painted horses seen all over downtown and almost every porch).

If you ever find yourself in Kansas you do not want to leave without taking a little peek into the whimsical world that is Lindsborg. So many people come from all over to tour the cute shops on the main street and to partake in the wonderful festivals the town offers each year. Don't know what to do? No worries; I'll give you some of my favorite areas to get you started on your little adventure.

Black Smith Coffee Shop/ The White Peacock
Both amazing coffee shops and both places you will regret not stopping by to get a tasty drink. Black Smith Coffee Shop & Roastery is made out of dreams and caffeine. The interior alone would make you want to stop and see with its industrial look, many seats, brick walls and floors, and history plastered on the walls (learn how they make coffee and where it all started). Not only do they make their own coffee (which you can purchase) but they also offer amazing drinks and foods that you can consume in one of the many seating areas (in or outdoors).

The White Peacock is another place not to miss. Lindsborg knows coffee and they do not disappoint. They carry flavors you didn't even know existed and will have you questioning, “Should I get another one before I leave?” They showcase Eco-friendly brands and art from local artists all over the walls. With the layout that feels like a second home, you could easily spend hours there talking with friends, sipping amazing drinks, and staring at beautiful artwork.

Ol Stuga
Completely unique and a local hanging spot (also on several lists of places to see in The United States) Ol Stuga is a bar worth visiting. You walk in and feel as if you have been transported into this home away from home that just so happens to have alcoholic beverages. Pictures of friendly faces and loved ones cover the tables and walls and the atmosphere will make you want to take your shoes off and stay a while.

You will most definitely get a beer but don't forget about getting a sandwich as well! Their sandwiches are legendary and surpass any sandwich place for miles. With a cute outdoor patio, pool tables, and friendly faces you are bound to have an amazing time.

Coronado Heights Park
Technically this is not in the town of Lindsborg but it is close enough to merit a spot on this list. Coronado Heights is a hill located Northwest of Lindsborg and is easy to see with a little stone building sitting on top. The area is alleged to be where Francisco Vasquez de Coronado gave up his search for the seven cities of gold and returned to Mexico.

Not only does it have a neat history but it is just a fun place to look out on top of the little building and see miles of land from every side. There are plenty of trails up and down the hill and little camp areas where you can sit and have a fun BBQ with friends and family.

Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery
You might not have heard of Lindsborg but you have most likely heard the name Birger Sandzen. A Swedish-born painter; Birger produced most of his pieces in the US. He worked as an art professor at the local college (Bethany College) and was known for his beautiful landscape portraits. The gallery that is located downtown showcases many of his prints, oils, and watercolors.

Red Barn Studio
Art truly does seep out of this little town in so many ways. Walk a little way downtown and you will spot the cutest little house that was plucked right out of a fairy tale. Known as Red Barn Studio, this museum showcases many works by the talented artist Lester Raymer. His works include paintings, prints, metalwork, jewelry, woodcarvings, and much more.

Not just a cute little museum, Red Barn Studio showcases events all year round as well as workshops where you can give your creative hand a try. This little area is filled with beautiful pieces of art and a history that would interest artists and admirers from all around.

This one is not necessarily something you can see every day but it is definitely a sight to behold if you are in the area. While Lindsborg has several events and festivals throughout the year, Hyllningsfest is by far the most popular. Since 1941 this celebration has taken place every other year in October to celebrate Lindsborg's Swedish heritage.

The festival includes Swedish dancing in traditional Swedish clothing, Swedish foods, arts and crafts, a parade, and entertainment by local musicians. People come from all over and book hotel rooms years in advance for this spectacular celebration of culture and life.

There is no shortage of things to do in the beautiful town of Lindsborg, Kansas. Whether you are stopping to take a look around or staying for a while you will definitely have plenty to see and do. I can honestly say that this is one town that has such a unique history and absolutely phenomenal people. What are some small towns you love to visit? Or, if you have been to Lindsborg let me know what your favorite places were!

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