Sunday Planning For Your Upcoming Week

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Most of us work a 5-day week schedule and use our two days off to relax and recover for the next upcoming work week. Once Monday rolls around, we are dreading the day and wishing we had more time off for the little R&R we need. While I am all for relaxing and taking personal days there are Sunday planning ideas we can do to make the upcoming week not only bearable but less stressful. After all, if the week is less stressful, our weekends can be filled with more fun activities.

I have started this little routine a few weeks ago and have found it to actually be relaxing and help ease some of the stress I inevitably get every Sunday evening when thinking about to-dos for the week ahead. You don't have to turn it into a work day. Take these small chores at intervals and try to make them fun. Play some music, have the family join in, or take your time. I promise you will actually begin to enjoy this and might even look forward to Monday.

Meal Prep
This is something I have started and then a week later completely forgot about. Have you ever tried to meal prep for workdays and then lost motivation a week later? I was right there with you. The main difference now is that I have turned it into a fun hangout time with my boyfriend instead of a chore. We will go to a little coffee shop and write out our list of foods we need to purchase.

Afterward, we will get a little snack and play our favorite songs so that we can eat and dance around while making food. What makes it easier is that we cook in bulk; large amounts of rice and several chicken breasts at once. Then we might change what veggies go with each meal or the seasonings we use. This gives us a good source of nutrients while keeping the food simple and delicious at the same time. You don't need 5 different meals to keep from getting bored. You just need a few different sauces, a variety of veggies, and some music.

Schedule It Out
I don't like putting five million to-dos in my calendar. For some reason, this puts heavy stress on my mind that I have to accomplish these things promptly. Instead, I have small sticky notes where I put a general outline of what I want to do each day. I keep them vague, so I can reuse them on different weeks and have found this to work amazingly well.

I recently talked about scheduling your day productively in an article here that talks about starting with small goals. You don't need an hour play by play to be written on Sunday's (you can save that for each morning before work). A little outline not only takes the upcoming week off my mind but it helps me organize my time efficiently.

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Finish little chores
Don't think I'm weird but I actually enjoy cleaning now. Not because it is fun (cleaning usually isn't) but because a clean space is relaxing and comfortable on the eyes. When you have a house filled with clutter it usually creates chaos in our minds as well. I try to keep the house clean at all times just for the simple fact that small chores every day is more relaxed than hours of work on one day.

Take small chunks of time to clean up the dishes, finish laundry, or organize a room that has become a little messy throughout the week. When you wake up Monday morning, it will boost your energy to see a clean house and take one less stress away from the day.

Schedule Outfits
I cannot stress enough the importance of scheduling for a more comfortable work week. How long do you spend picking out an outfit each morning? It might only be a few minutes but those few minutes could go to enjoying a cup of coffee or listening to your favorite podcast. I have most of my clothes hanging in a closet which makes it a tad easier to 'schedule' each outfit.

You don't have to go into tremendous detail. I'll pick a general idea of pieces I like and put it towards the front of my wardrobe to easily grab each day. Not only is this a mindless task that I can easily do while watching TV but it does save several minutes during my week that can be spent doing other activities. The less you have to do during the work week will make it move by much more smoothly.

Prepare For The Morning
We all have some form of ritual for our mornings. For me, I drink a glass of water before starting my coffee and then sit outside for a few minutes to help wake up. Since I do this I have a water bottle I keep right next to my bed for when I wake up and have the coffee grounds and cup ready for me. These little things take a few seconds away from your Sunday and make your Monday start off on the right track.

Monday (or whenever your work week starts) can make or break how the rest of your week will go. If you wake up in a bad mood and the day goes south, it usually makes the next few days feel that much more tiring. Setting yourself up for success keeps you in a healthy mindset, relieves unneeded stress, and actually gives you more time for self-care. What do you like to do on Sunday to prepare for your work week?



  1. I love using Sundays as my prep day for the week! I'll usually update my bullet journal for the week ahead, get some household chores done, and do some blogging admin. It saves me so much time and stress during the week!

    1. Same! I now cherish my Sunday's :) I have been wanting to start a bullet journal though! I feel like that would definitely make it easier to plan out the week and I can be a little more creative!


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