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There are only a few things I dislike when going on vacation; packing and unpacking. I have been known to forget very crucial items when hitting the road and also heavily known for not removing my bags for a good month after I get home. While I can’t help with the unpacking situation since I still procrastinate, I can give a few tips on packing that have helped me out hugely. Whether you just forget big items or you can’t fit all your luggage, these hints and tips will help you become a pro packer in no time.

Make a list…and check it twice
Before you even start packing, you should do a little research on what the weather will be like where you are headed for vacation. Then you can begin packing accordingly. I like to make a list before I even start that way I can adequately list out what I will need for each day, so I don’t accidentally forget an item. I have noticed when I just throw clothes in that I like to wear I either forget a day’s worth of clothing or put five million shirts in but only two pants.

Checking the weather also helps you pack appropriately. If it is raining all week, you don’t want to be stuck with only cute see-through dresses (that might be a recipe for disaster). Still, pack one extra outfit for different weather just in case the radar lied to you…which happens a lot more than they would probably like to admit. Useful tip: pack at least 3 shoes (you can do more if you have the room) in your luggage. A pair of tennis shoes for those long walks, a casual slip-on, and your fancy boots/shoes for going out at night.

Pack for that what if moment
I always keep a stash of tampons, extra undies, swimsuits, and little necessities for those what if moments in life. You never know if mother nature might change course or if you spill an entire milkshake on your pants and have to change everything midday. Being prepared isn’t nerdy; it’s smart. I also try to pack a little assortment of different medicines for an occasional headache and a few first aid items, but this isn’t necessarily needed if you are not a full-time klutz like myself.

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Learn the art of condensing
For those gals and pals who pack a little too much, you must learn the art of condensing (or stop cramming so much). Socks and undergarments can be shoved in shoes to give a little more room and stock up on miniature bottles for your lotions and serums. I’m an organized fiend, so I own several small bags of varying sizes to help hold each category. Not only will this make it easier to find it will also make it loads more helpful when you are getting in and out of your suitcase constantly.

I usually pack my clothes first, then put my shoes on the side (filled with undergarments) and put the extra necessities on top. If you wear necklaces and jewelry, try to put them in a smaller little bag (which can also go into a shoe) and tie a little ribbon around all of them to keep them from tangling throughout the trip. Then you can organize all the small odds and ends however you like. If you still don’t have much room, I suggest taking a couple items out that are not needs or purchasing a smaller version if possible.

If you have pockets fill them with exact needs
Some suitcases have side or front pockets. If you don’t have any of these, you can still follow this tip by putting the dire essentials on the very top. This is especially helpful when driving to a destination since we sometimes have to make a stop and grab an item out of our luggage. Instead of searching for five minutes while fueling up you’ll be able to easily find it without ruining your beautifully packed case. You can even get a second small bag for those necessities if you are willing to lug around both.

I sometimes carry a smaller second bag (usually the size of a carry on) for my technology such as a computer, camera, and chargers/batteries. These are the main items I always grab and like to have them right where I can grab them in a moments notice. Some type of entertainment should be in this area since the travel (whether by plane or car) can be a tad long. A good book or your computer can help pass the time to the great vacation you are headed towards. Now if only I had the strength to unpack the second I get home from vacation.


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