Why Ditching Your Bra Could Be The Greatest Gift You Give Yourself

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There is no denying that my wardrobe has changed significantly in the past two years. For starters, I have started styling for myself as opposed to how I think other people would like me to dress. One massive transformation in my wardrobe has been ditching bras. Now I only wear sports bras when exercising or a cute bra if I feel like it (or actually need a little support). Ditching your bra isn't some new trend that has just formed (hello nineties). However, it is incredibly underrated and not talked about as much as it should be.

I firmly believe that ditching your bra can be the greatest gift you could possibly give yourself. While I understand my breasts are smaller and easier to manage braless, I also know that a lot of people wear them just because we have been told it is impolite to 'expose' ourselves in any way. Last I checked I still wear a shirt and, contrary to crazy belief, the only difference between my boobs and a mans is the extra fat. I didn't make this change for some feminist show or to prove to others anything (that was just a perk); I did it for me and my comfort. You can do it too! Not only is it extremely liberating (free the boobs!) it is also extremely beneficial for your health.

It can actually help in the sweat department
We have all had underboob sweat (little and big boobs alike). It is uncomfortable, smelly, and even itchy at times. You might think your bra is helping soak up some of that moisture, but it is probably making matters worse. While it does soak in some of that sweat, it also keeps it in place, so you continuously feel gross and sweaty. Ditching your bra can help give that sweat a chance to evaporate and won't create that itchy red line that some bras leave after a hot day.

This isn't just for small girls either! You would be amazed at how freeing (and dry) it can feel to let your boobs air out from time to time. Don't take my word for it; take that brace off your tata's and let that air caress that sweat away!

Your boobs won't sag...actually quite the opposite
A lot of people (me included) have believed that not wearing a bra will make your boobs sag. Ladies, it is inevitable that our breasts will droop with age. Boobs are boobs; beautiful and unique no matter how they look. I promise if a man or woman is getting the chance to stare at your chest they don't care if they aren't the perkiest things in the world. Boobs are cool.

Not only should we not care about this little fact but this 'fact' is actually false. Studies have proven that going without a bra actually helps build up the muscles in our breasts giving them more of a chance to support themselves naturally. So go ahead, take it off (it's actually healthy).

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It can give you a sense of freedom and confidence
There is something so incredibly powerful about taking off your bra. This wire (or no wire) restraint holding your boobs in a particular position can feel very claustrophobic. Once you get used to going without one, it can actually help you gain a little confidence in yourself. The first few times I went out in public I felt a tad exposed. After the first shock of it all I noticed I was walking out feeling a tad liberated, and dare I say it, a little bit sexier.

There is nothing wrong with a nipple popping out of a shirt or boobs moving with each step. Anyone who says otherwise needs to worry more about there own lives and why they feel the need to judge others for what makes them feel comfortable. At the end of the day, you deserve to wear or not wear whatever you feel relaxed in. I would rather see a girl 'freeing the nipple' so to speak than going around looking like someone pinched her because her bra is cutting into her skin (which happens more than we'd like to admit).

It is comfortable and cheaper alternative
All in all going braless is just nice! Do you ever get off work and take your bra off immediately (letting out a little sigh of relief after). How do you think you would feel if that was your life all the time? Not only will you get better circulation and better nights sleep but you will just FEEL better. An extra benefit of ditching that small article of clothing is the money you will start saving.

Bras are stupid expensive. We spend a ridiculous amount of money on these contraptions and we never just buy one. Once you realize you don't need them, you can start saving up money for other essential things. Obviously, you still will want a couple on hand (especially for exercising), but overall your money will not be going to that fancy bra you once thought was a necessity. Big, small, saggy, perky...all boobs are beautiful and should be celebrated. Not confined. 


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