Why You Should Be Power Napping Right Now

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Recently I have added something new into my daily routine, and it has beyond changed my productivity and energy levels. Usually, around midday, I become extremely fatigued and have absolutely no energy to do anything besides lay despondently watching TV shows. While this is fine for a lazy day, it was not helping me out during my work hours. Since I started working from home full time I have realized how difficult it can be to keep my mind focused for 8 hours a day.

Typically at an office, whether productive or not, you have to be there doing something for those 8 hours. At home, you have no big boss watching over you and laziness can happen within seconds. Whether you work from home or at an office, we all have those unproductive days that seem to drag on painfully. This is where power napping comes into play. I started taking power naps every single day during my lunch hour and will never look back.

Not only do I wake up more refreshed and focused than before I actually have a better nights sleep (which makes no sense to me, but it is somehow happening). For the longest time, I thought these little naps were utterly ridiculous and would do absolutely nothing. I tried to force myself out of the exhausted state and put in only half my efforts towards different projects. One day I couldn’t do it anymore, took a 20-minute nap, and woke up with this astonishing amount of energy.

  • Improves memory
  • Boosts energy and productivity
  • Improves alertness and memory
  • Heart healthy
  • Elevates mood while relieving stress
  • Boosts immunity

These are just a few things power naps can give you if used regularly. To get the right amount you should keep your naps between 10-20 minutes. If you pass this time mark into 30 minutes, you might still get a few benefits, but you will wake up a lot more groggy (something we are trying to get rid of). If you have the chance, a 90-minute nap is best. When you sleep for 90 minutes, you go into a full cycle of sleep (dreaming and all) which improves memory and creativity without the grogginess.

While most of us can’t take a 90-minute nap because jobs haven’t realized nap time shouldn’t just be for little kids we have to settle for the power nap. This is 10-20 minutes which most everyone can take on their lunch breaks and has been proven to help boost energy, productivity, and memory. Since this is short, our bodies don’t have time to go into a deeper cycle of sleep making it easier to wake up refreshed instead of fatigued.

I can personally say it has helped me get better use out of my work hours. Even though I am taking time out of my day to nap, I am increasing the quality of work I produce afterward. While we can push past that tired feeling, it usually weakens our levels of productivity, and our quality of work goes down the toilet. Can’t go home for lunch? It might seem a little awkward, but you can always take a little snooze in the back of your car. You might feel like a weirdo (I’ve been there), but your body will thank you after.

Most of us do not get enough sleep during the night. Blame it on work stresses, kids, or our president, but it is a fact of life for a lot of us. Regularly power napping can help reverse the signs of a bad nights sleep. Without the right amount of sleep, our bodies can become damaged and even have hormonal changes (and not the right kind). This can be fixed after getting a good nights rest (also known as sleep debt). Believe it or not, you don’t have to get a full nights sleep to repay your sleep debt.

It has been proven that power naps can reverse the damage that was caused by lack of sleep. So I guess you could say it is needed for a proper healthy life (you can use that on your boss if required). No matter the reason behind needing a little snooze I promise you will not regret resting your head for those few minutes each day. It could be the best thing you could give your body and mind.



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    1. Thank you! and I followed you! You're website is lovely by the way :)

  2. Big fan of the power nap Bethany! Gotta love it. I take 1 on most days. Energizes you. Rocking post!


    1. Thank you! I'm the same way, I take one almost everyday and it makes my productivity soar!


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