17 Fun Things To Do For The Month Of September

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I have always liked to look at a new month as a fresh start to try new things and get various goals accomplished. My love for fall makes September one of my favorite months out of the entire year. While summer is still in the air, you can feel the transformation with mother nature begin. The temperature starts dropping, leaves start changing colors, and pumpkin spice flavor can be seen in every store and coffee shop.

To get us into the fall season I have come up with 17 fun ideas that you could try for September. Add one or all to your list and remember to enjoy yourself and take time out of each day for self-care and happiness. Let me know in the comments below which ones you try out or what you have on your list of to-dos for the month of September! I'm always excited to hear your stories or to steal a few ideas to try out myself.

  1. Read a new book
    • I personally love starting off the fall season by reading the Harry Potter series. There is something about those books that always gives me autumn vibes (possibly because they start in the fall). Choose a favorite book of yours or try out a new one you have been thinking of reading!
  2. Go for a walk or hike
    • This, to me, is the perfect time for evening strolls around the neighborhood or a day hike near home. With the weather cooling down in September you don't feel like your entire body is melting away and the changing season actually smells terrific! (Sounds weird, but you know it's true)
  3. Spruce up the yard
    • Whether you have a small little balcony, a porch, or just your indoor space, a few autumn plants make the place feel colorful. You can get some mums (which come in an array of fall colors) or any plant you feel like. I love planting a few colorful plants in pots to arrange on our porch to really get into the vibe. You can even get a few pumpkins to decorate with (it is never too early for pumpkins).
  4. Try a new morning routine
    • A new month is a great start to try out a new routine that you have been thinking of adding. I talked about 5 Morning Routines for Success in an earlier article if you need a place to start.
  5. End of summer BBQ
    • I have a lot of friends who get together each year to have a bbq for an end of summer bash. Get some family or friends together and enjoy good food with great company!
  6. Late night bonfires
    • Nothing makes me think of autumn as much as bonfires do. The weather is just cold enough to enjoy the warm crackling flames, and you can have fun bonding over smores and late night discussions.
  7. Make some delicious treats
    • Whether it is for your neighbors, your friends, or just yourself, it is always fun to get out the cooking utensils for some fantastic desserts. Caramel apples and pumpkin-flavored treats are a great way to get the season off on a sweet start!
  8. Clean house
    • You don't have to just do a good spring cleaning. For me, I love cleaning up in the fall by getting out the winter gear and putting away some summer items. It is also a great way to get rid of some clutter and decorate the house in festive colors for the second half of the year.
  9. Give a crack at a new hobby
    • Have you always wanted to try out painting? Give it a go! Find something that brings you joy and incorporate it into your weekly life for some extra self-care time.
  10. Make a new friend
    • Friendships are amazing, and we can always use some amazing in our lives. Go to your local coffee shop and strike up a conversation with the barista or coffee drinker. This could even be rekindling a friendship with someone you lost touch with.
  11. Have a creative family day
    • Spend some quality time with family and start a fun, creative project. This could be finger paintings or creating fun wreaths for your front door. Not only will you have a fun time with your project, but it will also give you a chance for quality family moments.
  12. Go to a pumpkin patch
    • Not all places open in September, but there is usually a pumpkin patch that will be opening up this month. Take the family and kids to pick out some pumpkins or enjoy the fun little activities they have (usually there is a fun little maze to walk through).
  13. Do something kind for a stranger
    • This should be on our list all the time (not just in September) but a new month could be a great reminder. Help someone get groceries to their car or just bake a pie for your neighbor. They will love it, and it feels good to help out others.
  14. Start a journal
    • Journaling, for me, has been so liberating and genuinely promotes self-care. Get a cute little journal to write down your thoughts and scribbles. It can help get things off your mind, and you will be amazed at how amazing it feels afterward.
  15. Light some candles
    • Scents can positively be associated with emotions. Fall scents have always been a huge stress reliever for me, and I make it a point to get new candles around the house each year. Plus it still is nice to have a delicious aroma spread throughout your home.
  16. Take a trip
    • Whether it is far away or just a few minutes, taking a little trip could be the perfect medicine. You can leave all your stresses behind and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  17. Go to an event or take a class
    • Try out something new this September! This could simply be going to a movie with friends or starting a bowling league. You can do this alone or with friends and make some memories you will never forget.
You don't have to just do these things during the month of September, but it is always a right way to start off a new month and new season. Overall, enjoy yourself and remember to live in the moment as much as possible. Which one of these fun things are you excited to try out?


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