6 Must-Have Beauty Subscription Boxes

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We live in a world where we can quite literally never leave our house. You can buy your groceries online, pay for your bills, work from home, and purchase all your necessities with one click. I don't recommend staying in your house the rest of your life, but you can if you want. With this, the world of subscription boxes has blown up. Like a Christmas present, you can pay a small fee each month and have a box of goodies sent to your home. If you can think of a topic, I promise they have made a box for it (hello period boxes).

One of my favorite indulgences is beauty products. I love trying out new things and playing with different serums and makeup. The problem is, I don't have the financial means to enjoy this hobby really. This is where beauty subscriptions come into play. Over the years I have tried multiple boxes to find which one was the best fit for me while still being inexpensive. I do want to say, while I am showing my top 5, there are so many out there that are great. One size does not always fit all.

I actually have an entire article here that goes into detail with this company. I still use them to this day because of their inexpensive price tag and the fantastic products you get. For a mere $21 you get a monthly box filled with 5-6 beauty items. This ranges from makeup, tools, to skincare. I believe they say you get $100 worth of products (which I would not dispute). I am rarely disappointed in what I receive and, every now and again, you get a gem that is worth more than your rent.

With this colorful box (they send it in cute decorations that are a gift in themselves), they also have a little pamphlet that explains what each item is, what it is used for, the price for the full container (because you usually get a travel sized item), and tips on how to use it. You also get money for each survey you do online, which is put into the look fantastic website. I have gotten a few people hooked on this and for a good reason. Don't believe me? Try it out for a month and see if it is a good match.

People love this subscription because you get a range of products for $10 a month (a price anyone can get on board with). Like Glossybox, you get 5 travel sized (or full sized) items to try out and see if you like them. You just take a little quiz, so they know what you like and what your skin tone is for a perfect fit. All items come in a cute small bag that can be reused for whatever you like. You even get to pick which products and brands you like (or want to try), so they can give you products you'll want to use.

Play! By Sephora
While I haven't personally purchased this subscription, I have heard amazing reviews from close friends. If you are a Sephora junky, this is definitely the box for you. At $10, this box gives you 5 beauty items, a fragrance sample, a book of tips and tricks, as well as a Play! Pass that lets you watch tutorials and rewards you 50 store points.

As always, you take a quick quiz, and they will deliver new and best-selling products for your pleasure. While the bag isn't as grand as Ipsy's, it is still pretty cute for keeps. The only downside is that, since it is relatively new, this is only offered to people in the United States for right now.

This is another one of my all-time favorite boxes to purchase. For $21 a month you receive 5-6 beauty items, 4 of which are full-size products (something most boxes don't give). This ranges from hair, skin, nails, and so much more! You can purchase your box for 1 month at a time, 3 months, 6 months, or an entire year (this being the cheaper deal). Trust me when I say, Boxycharm will not disappoint. You might not get a cute bag, but you won't even miss out once you see what they have to offer.

Allure Beauty Box
If you love reading magazines, this is the box for you. They curate around 5 items from products you'll see in the magazine (picked by the experts) for the low cost of $15. Your first box will be $10 for you to try out and see if it is a good fix. You can purchase by the month or a full years supply (again, the year option being cheaper).

One thing I love about the Allure Beauty Box is that you can see on the website what products will be in your box. This is nice for anyone on the fence of purchasing or, if you loved the product, to by yourself a refill.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box
Speaking of Look Fantastic (the site the teamed up with Glossybox) they too have a subscription box for fans. This company works out of the UK (but ships to the United States, Canada, and Australia), and gives you 6 items ranging from skincare, haircare, body products, and cosmetics. Do you love your monthly magazines? This box also delivers you an issue of Elle UK magazine. For $19 a month, you really can't go wrong.

Let me know in the comments below if you are subscribed to any beauty box and which one your favorite is! A few other honorable mentions that I have tried and love include Birchbox, Julep Beauty Box, Scentbird, Ricky's NYC Cult Crushes, and Target Beauty Box.

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