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There are women in the world who I love and women who I idolize entirely. If you asked me my top 5 idols, I promise Beyonce will always be on that list. After all, she is called Queen B for a reason. One thing she is definitely known for is her sense of legendary style (among the millions of other amazing features). Her Instagram is filled with artistic poses of unbelievable fashion pieces that most of us can only dream about.

Maybe one day I'll be able to afford her wardrobe, but it is highly unlikely. For one, most of the ensembles put together would look a tad odd being worn down the streets of my tiny town. If you, like me, cannot afford her amazing pieces that does not mean you cannot create the same vibe she pulls off; effortlessly queen chic.

If you actually go to her Instagram photo where she shares this piece, you will see that they are unique, expensive, and fit her body beautifully! While it would be difficult to find these denim shorts without mortgaging your house you can find cheaper alternatives. Below are a few ideas or you can just take a pair you already have and buy some studs to put on the back (easy DIY project). Unfortunately, Beyonce butt is not included with purchase.

Again, it might be difficult to find this replica of this beautiful blouse, but you can copy the vibe inexpensively. I love the color blocking she has going on! It really makes this piece a fashion meets art ensemble. I have several options that match the overall concept of this piece below. You can also try searching your local thrift shops for blouses that are similar.

Her purse is unique, beautiful, and definitely a one-of-a-kind piece not everyone can acquire. You can either go for a baby blue tote or use whatever you have lying around. The reason I love this is the fact it doesn't really match her outfit (yet does). The red matches the shirt a tad but, overall, this bag adds to the abstract structure that makes this simple yet so unique. Of course, the outfit would be missing something without her quirky shades and beautiful 'conquer the world' heels.

I love seeing bras through shirts. There is something so incredibly sensual about seeing that little pop of color underneath a button up. Again, you can go with a yellow bralette like Beyonce did or you can find one that goes with whatever shirt you choose. If you have a color blocking shirt, try to match the bralette with one of the smaller pops of color to give it that extra unique appeal.

What I love about this outfit is that it gives you the inspiration to find your own voice instead of just copying. She breathes this quality that makes me want to go out and live my best life as my true self. Let me know in the comments below what outfits of hers are your favorites!


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