How I Am Expanding Through Patreon

While I am slow on the bandwagon, I do eventually catch up to the world. When it comes to Patreon, I just recently found this fantastic site that lets creatives share their passion with others (and still be able to pay the bills). If you haven't heard of Patreon, it is a site that allows creatives of all types to share their projects and talents with patrons (readers, fans, YOU). For a small fee (depending on the person) you receive unique and quality content that ranges from writing, podcasts, music, videos, and everything in between. You also receive rewards from the creator for subscribing to them.

I have decided to expand my writings to Patreon. This does not mean I will stop writing on The Graceful Klutz (it is my baby after all), but that I will be adding new and unique content that you cannot get on my website or my Vocal profile. This is an accumulation of journal entries, poems, sketch stories (like short stories), articles on motivation, and content about writing and branding yourself. I have a post that you can read here that details everything you get with each subscription (which you can read over for free of charge).

I also have my first Journal Entry here that you can read to see what the vibe will be for some of the pieces. You can subscribe for $5 or $10 a month, each giving you an abundance of unique and quality content 4-5 days a week. You can try it out for a month and see if you like it or, if I suck entirely, you can unsubscribe anytime you want. Your payment will come out at the beginning of each month (meaning if you do subscribe, try not to do it the last day of the month, otherwise you'll be paying twice in two days).

If you cannot financially do this, there are no worries! I appreciate each and every one of you for just reading my pieces and allowing me to live my dream. Patreon is just an extension of my passion and helps me support myself, so I can do this full time and grow my content to bigger and better things. Since I just launched, I am doing a little giveaway for the first 50 people who subscribe. For the first 50, you will receive a little note and a couple gifts in the mail.

Your support means the world to me and, while I am still growing and developing my skills, I cannot wait to start this new journey and share even more with you. With your help, Patreon will allow me to give even more to you than I ever thought was possible. You can head over to my page here or click on the Patreon badge that is located on the sidebar of my website.

With more people supporting me, I have plans to either start a podcast or Youtube channel to give you even more information and expand our friendship (because you are all real friends in my heart). While I am still in the beginning stages, I can genuinely say I am so thankful that I have had the incredible support and love from all of you. I cannot say how much that means to me! If you are thinking of starting a Patreon and don't know where to start or are unsure of what I am offering, you can ask me in the comments below any questions you have. I am still learning, but we can learn together!



  1. How neat! I'm launching my Patreon this Friday! I guess I'm a little slow to the party too... haha! Good luck on there! It's such a neat opportunity for fans and creators to come together!

    Best of luck,

    1. Thank you! Good luck to you as well! Pertaining to the crescent moon and star, it is not intended to be the Islamic cultural sign (although I didn't realize how close it was!). I chose it for its symbolism in ancient Greece associated with moon goddesses.

  2. Oh, I forgot! I noticed you have the crescent moon and star on your image for this page. Is that the Islamic cultural sign?

    Just curious!


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