Top Hair-Care Products For Curly Hair

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I have had issues finding hair products for years. I'll spend more money than I would like to admit on a product that ends up failing miserably. They either weigh my hair down, feel gross, grease my roots, or leave a weird 'crinkle' feel. If you are a curly haired girl, I guarantee you have dealt with this struggle! Before I offer options that I absolutely love, I should give you a quick background on my hair.

While I have a thick head of hair the strands themselves are relatively thin (weird, I know). My natural hair (without product) is extremely frizzy and curls to the heavens. While they are not tight curls, they definitely twist more than a typical beach wave. The problem I usually face is that my hair, while voluminous, can be weighed down by the smallest amount of product.

Below I have my all time favorite products for this hair type. I have found none of these to weigh down my volume while still holding the curl throughout the day. Since my hair naturally curls I really never know what it will look like in the morning (again, curly hair problems). These serums have proven their worth and have me waking up with a manageable hairdo without all the frizziness. Let me know in the comments below what are your favorite hair-care products to use!  

**One note: while I have a few sea salt sprays I do want to warn that they do leave an odd texture to your strands. I would recommend using these (and most of the products) right after the shower to reduce the texture. 


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