Broke Girls Guide: Chrissy Teigen

Out of all the celebrities I talk about on my Broke Girls Guide series, Chrissy Teigen is without a doubt my favorite. Not because of personality or what she does for a living, but because her style so closely resembles my own and is incredibly stunning on any body type. Chrissy always wears simple put together ensembles while adding a touch of boldness to the mix. While we all might not look like her, we definitely can copy her style to fit our own. I chose this outfit today because it is a great piece to start the fall season with.

While the temperature drops (but is not freezing) we can start to wear warmer clothes. This is my favorite season for fashion. Layers are encouraged, bold deep colors come out, and thigh high boots are back in stock. If you are in love with this outfit like I am, I have below a few alternatives to make it your own and, as always, not hurt your wallet. You can put this on and wear it out to lunch, date night, or rock the bold look at the grocery store. 

There are two ways you could do this shirt that would work efficiently. You can either get a regular shirt out of your closet and play the tucking game or get a crop for that seamless blend with your pants. I'm a firm believer on carrying white and black shirts in any wardrobe since you can pair them with anything you own. Want to add a little more character to this outfit? You could go with a black and white striped shirt for some extra depth.

These mustard high waisted pants make the outfit. The bold color pops beautifully, giving a simple ensemble that extra pizazz we didn't know we needed. Is yellow not your color? You can grab a shade that fits your skin tone (you can learn what your skin tone is in this article) or go with a striped pant for extra flare. These high waisted trousers are perfect for any body shape. They immediately elongate your body, slim down your physique, and hide any self-conscious stomach pudge. 

I love this barely pink heel that she is rocking with this. Chrissy proves that you don't need to match your shoes to your shirt to make it look perfect. Personally, I don't wear heels too often since I am already pretty tall. If you feel the same way (or just hate walking in these contraptions), you can easily swap them out for a cute little slide. 

Chrissy Teigen is known for keeping her accessories minimal and letting one bold piece shine through. I'm a fan of the little things, but I also appreciate this approach. Keep it simple with a couple dainty rings and studs to let those pants tell a story. I am also in love with box clutches right now. They are adorable and give me that lunch box vibe for adults. Personally, I love this marble box clutch, but you can always stick with what you have in your closet to keep this outfit as cheap as possible.

What is your favorite part of this outfit? Do you have other Chrissy Teigen ensembles that you are dying over? Let me know in the comments below! Also, let me know what celebrity style you would like to see cheapter alternatives to know. I'm always looking for new styles to replicate for all of you.

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