Broke Girls Guide: Jessica Alba

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This Broke Girls Guide is dedicated to all of you out there who don't have time to get ready in the morning but still want to dress to impress. In my opinion, Jessica Alba embodies this perfectly with her outfits. This woman is a serious powerhouse that we could all take a few pointers from. Not only is she a well-known actress, but she is also a mother to three beautiful children while running her business, Honest Beauty. She does all of this while also still looking amazing, something I wish I could do (and I honestly juggle a lot less in my life).

I picked this outfit for its simplicity, elegance, and the fact that it is perfect for the breezy weather we are currently going through. This is a comfortable outfit that you can throw on and run out the door while still looking put together for anything you have to do. I'm all for outfits that are filled with bold colors and an array of accessories, but sometimes it is nice to have quiet outfits that are versatile as well. If you want this adorably chic outfit, then keep on reading for a few cheaper alternatives.

While you can go out and get a pair of black pants, you can also use whatever you have in your closet. To me, the best looking pants are those that are comfortable. You can easily pair this with your favorite pair of denim or leggings if you want to. If not, I have a couple of jean and pant choices that will match almost anything in your closet without breaking the bank.

I love patterned anything. When you have a simple look like this, any pattern you add to it will add some flare. The polka dots are a nice touch, look amazing on everybody, and give the entire piece a more professional approach. You could easily stop here and take this outfit to lunch with friends or to your next interview.

To say I'm in love with this jacket is an understatement. Actually, I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to coats and jackets. This one in particular, well, I own about four different shades. As we all know, I'm a huge fan of this pale pink shade. I genuinely believe this color looks fantastic on all skin tones and adds a pop of color without screaming at people. This jacket is a big reason I chose the look in the first place.

Honestly, white shoes and a black purse will never be a bad purchase. They can be used with almost any outfit and will definitely be worth the extra dollars. While celebrities might own hundreds of accessories, we usually are not as lucky. These options will definitely be a well-worn item in your wardrobe.

I know, it is weird that I'm not picking an outfit with a pound of jewelry on each hand. While I love my accessories, I also love minimalism. You can pair this with a light necklace, beautiful studs, and pale pink nail polish just like Jessica Alba for that elegant look. This is great for anyone who has to run out the door and fits perfectly with the simplicity of the outfit. There is a certain beauty in minimalism.

Since we are talking about Jessica Alba, I wanted to also share some of my favorite products from her line. She runs Honest Beauty, a product line that features everything from skincare to makeup and even hair care products. The products are great for anyone with sensitivity issues, are made from amazing ingredients, and come at an affordable price. I'll leave a few of my favorites below, or you can browse the Honest Beauty website for everything she has to offer.


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