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As a blogger, it is almost a necessity to enjoy reading blogs. I love finding new bloggers and learn more about their life, pick up a few tips and tricks from them, and show them some much-needed appreciation. While I'm always finding new sites to fall in love with, I usually have several that are on constant rotation in my internet history. You can check out a past article of mine here to see some that are also great finds in the blogging world. Currently, these are my top seven blogs that I think everyone should be following if interested in lifestyle, fashion, and the written word.

This does not mean I don't love plenty of other sites you guys send my way though! I usually just lean towards the lifestyle spectrum since that is what I am most interested in. Please feel free to leave your blog below though! I would love to check out more sites to fall in love with and to share your content for others to follow and indulge in as well.

Beth Sandland
This is probably my number one site I go to currently. Beth Sandland is a London based lifestyle blogger who writes about fashion, beauty, home, blogging, travel, mental health, and lifestyle. She pairs beautiful photography with fantastic content to give you the best of both worlds. Every article provides a feel like you are right next to her having a conversation and she has a down to earth personality that pops through her pieces. She also gives excellent advice to anyone who is new to the blogging world and needs help navigating around.

Hello October
Written by the lovely Suzie, Hello October is a site and brand that is mostly dedicated to fashion and beauty (with a few other pieces sprinkled in). With her beautiful layout, she makes it easy to navigate her site and witness the beauty that is Hello October. I personally love her articles because they make fashion easy for us non-fashionable people. She gives excellent tips and tricks while making it easy to digest. If you like her blog, you will probably fall in love with her Youtube channel as well. As a bonus, she has videos about what she wears, hauls, and everything we love to binge in the Youtube world.

Thirteen Thoughts
Paula, the creator of Thirteen Thoughts, was a massive help for me when first starting my blog. The blogging resources that she creates on her site give everyone a straightforward step by step guide on the ins and outs of starting a blog. She talks about everything from photography, site building, social media, to affiliate marketing. Of course, this multi-talented queen does write far more than just blogging pieces. You can go to her site to also learn more about photography, beauty products, and lifestyle. If you have been part of the blogging community at all, then I can almost guarantee you have seen her photos at one point in time. She has a unique approach to flatlay that she uses with each article that we can all envy.

The Everygirl
Written by several people, The Everygirl is easily defined in the name. This is the ultimate lifestyle blog stop for anyone wanting a fantastic read. I personally love their career and finance section, but they have so much to offer on this one site. Watch videos, read up to date information and get advice for everyday life. Not to mention, I actually get a lot of my inspiration from some of the articles they write or videos they have. Sometimes you need to read other pieces for that lightbulb to pop in your own head.

Lily Pebbles
Powerful and simple are two words I would use to describe Lily Pebbles. This lifestyle site focuses on beauty, style, and life topics like Finding Your Home Colour Scheme. Her photos are crisp, neat, and colorful; traits her words carry as well. If you fall in love with her site, you can keep on the Lily Pebbles crazy by purchasing her book, “The F Word,” or by watching her Youtube videos that go more in depth.

Who What Wear
Look no further, Who What Wear is a one-stop shop for your ultimate fashionista needs. This site stays up to date with celebrities and personal figures and what they are wearing. You get your dose of new fashion hitting the streets while also finding pieces that all of us can easily access. While I love other style sites, Who What Wear makes it easy to shop a wardrobe you see Selena Gomez (or other celebs) wearing at the moment. Plus, it gives readers great inspiration for what they could do in their own closets.

The Little Plum
Fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, home, and personal thoughts await you on The Little Plum. Written and created by Chloe Plumstead, this lifestyle blog is by far one of my favorite places to go every week. While I love all of her pieces, she has think pieces that go more in-depth with life and challenges she (and most of us) face daily. Like everyone on this list, she has fantastic photography that blends with the beautiful words. Don't worry, if you end up spending too much time scrolling through articles, I have been there as well (you are not alone).

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