Broke Girls Guide: Meghan Markle

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For this broke girls guide, I've decided to make it a royal affair (I know, I'm not funny, I get it). I'm not a royal fanatic, but I do follow their fashion lives like my life depended on it. The royal family (any of them) always look so prim and proper and, while it is thanks to their stylists, gives me serious envy. Meghan Markle, a new addition to the Royals, has definitely not disappointed with her style. With elegance and sophistication, she wears clothes that we all wish was in our closets.

While we can't all be royalty or afford their lifestyle, we can dress like them with amazing dupes. I picked this outfit in particular because the pieces would be great for other outfits (because we can't all afford an outfit for one event), looks great on everyone, and plays well with light and dark colors. If you, like me, seriously need to get your hands on this outfit, I have a few alternatives to choose from that will make you feel like the royalty you are.

Sweater: Victoria Beckham
A sweater like this never goes out of style. This is also a perfect piece for anyone's wardrobe that can be paired with a variety of clothes. While royalty has specific rules to follow, you can edge this look up with a different neckline or, if you are like me, go with a comfy turtleneck that will make you want to live in this sweater.

Skirt: Greta Constantine
This skirt is the star of the show. I absolutely fell in love with the dark green color the second my eyes fell on it. Personally, I love to add a little oomph to these types of outfits, which is why I put the express skirt in as an option. The zipper and slight exposure of leg gives this look a little sexy boost for a night look. If you want to keep it simple, you can just pair this outfit with a simple midi or pencil skirt like Meghan did. Either way, you are going to be ready for anything life throws your way with this piece.

Jacket: Mai
I cannot stress enough how we all need a jacket like this in our closet. This is that jacket that keeps you warm while going with everything in your wardrobe. It can spruce up a pair of jeans or be a great addition, like with Meghan, for a sophisticated look. Trust me when I say, you will never regret purchasing one of these coats.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bag: Charlotte Elizabeth
While I couldn't find a perfect dupe for these amazing pumps, I did come pretty close. Again, you can add a slight edge with the French Connection pumps or keep it classy with the other two options. While I love bold, I also appreciate how subtle the accessories are to this piece. Her handbag, shoes, and even small rings take a seat behind the boldness of her skirt. This helps blend everything together in beautiful harmony. This is one outfit that will definitely stand the test of time and worthy of purchasing.


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