My Favorite Pieces From The Broke Girls Guide Series

Photo by Heather Schwartz on Unsplash

With my Broke Girls Guide series, there have been pieces and looks that I like more than the others. Not saying I don't fall in love with every single outfit, but there are always items that are favorited over others. If you haven't read any of my Broke Girls Guide articles or are new to my website (hello and welcome), I create a look every other Friday that gives you great dupes to celebrity outfits. I love this series because it combines my love for clothing and my fascination with celebs style (plus we all love a good deal).

I've decided to celebrate all my past articles by combining my favorite items out of each outfit. These are staples in any wardrobe and can be paired together or with whatever you have in your closet. What is the great thing about all of these pieces? They are incredibly affordable and are fantastic quality. While there are a few items that I didn't add that I would have liked (they are unfortunately sold out), this is my ultimate faves.

If you love these pieces and want to see more, you can head over to my fashion section and go on a little online shopping spree. Don't worry, no judgments here. Let me know in the comments below some of your favorite items from the Broke Girls Guide series or just staple pieces you can't live without!


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