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If you have read my past article about my Patreon page, you would know that I created an account September of this year and an outline of what to expect on the page. Since then, I have made a few changes to give you more of a look inside my life and to give it a unique spin. While I continue on my journey with the site, I look forward to growing and changing with you to give everyone the best I can provide. Personally, I have loved the new approach and get excited when writing new pieces for Patreon.

Earlier in October, I decided to make a few changes so that everyone could read my pieces. While I love the idea of subscribing to receive content, I also didn't want people who couldn't afford a subscription to be able to read my writings. Therefore, all of my articles are entirely free for the public. You can subscribe if you want to support me, but it is 100% not necessary.

With going public, I also changed up some of the tiers (subscriptions). Since everything is open, I wanted to give more to the people who can support my work. Depending on which tier you pick, I have a few treats that will be sent your way. This includes letters, poems, stickers, and even a t-shirt sent via mail (depending on which you choose). I thought this would be a better way to give back to you and, if you can't pay, provide all of you my content.

For the most part, the writings are relatively the same. However, I noticed that I was writing pieces that were similar to The Graceful Klutz and, while I love these articles, I wanted to give you a different look into my life. Therefore, I added a weekly recap so that you can get a behind the scenes peek at what each day looks like for me. I also condensed the articles to once a week, and they are specific to writing, blogging, and careers. You can go to my Patreon to see how I edit my work, different software I use, what I have learned, and other topics related to my writing career.

You will still receive two poems a week, my journal entries, and a sketch story (kind of like a short story) once a month. While my site is more advice and tips, my Patreon is a conversation with my readers. I want you to go there, ask questions, and become friends. After all, I don't write just to hear myself talk (well, see the words on a screen I guess). I want to share my struggles, fears, and moments with all of you. It is a place where you can feel open about talking, and there will never be any judgments. Like my site, I want it to be an oasis where you don't feel alone.

As always, I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Whether you subscribe or not, I love all of you. Because of you, I am able to do what I have always dreamed of. I wake up each and every day so grateful that this is my life. I never thought I would be able to follow my dreams, but you have proven that anything is possible. I'll leave my links below in case you are interested in reading more content!


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