What You Need To Know Before Buying Jeans

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We have all had this situation happen to us. You go to the store and try on multiple pairs of denim jeans. No matter what you try, you feel like they all make you look wide and create a soggy butt appearance. After jumping into several pairs, you leave feeling defeated and hateful towards your body. I have worn jeans that, not only make me feel unattractive but have to be worn with large tops to hide the appearance of muffin top. What if I told you that nothing is wrong with you but that you are just buying the wrong pair of jeans?

No matter what size or shape you are, your body is beautiful. Technically speaking, none of us have a muffin top. The real truth is that you are not buying the right denim for your figure. So how do you know what to look for? I've scoured the internet, tried on multiple pairs of denim, and talked with countless salespeople to help you find that perfect fit for you and your body. You should never feel defeated or ugly after leaving a store. By looking out for these tips and knowing your shape, you will find a pair of jeans that makes you feel sexy and beautiful in your own skin.

Know your body shape.
The most crucial thing for any form of fashion is knowing your body shape. According to an article on Shop Your Shape, there are eight major body shapes for females. Knowing your body type will help you choose what style of jean will look best on you. You can either study your body in the mirror or use this calculator to help find what body type you closely resemble. For me, I have realized that I am more of a pear shape. This means that my hips are wider than my bust and that my stomach area gradually widens towards the hips.

Once you know this, it will help you pick out which fit looks the most flattering on you. For instance, a pear shape body looks best with mid to high rise jeans. If I were to wear low rise jeans, it would create a muffin top effect, and I will be stuck with that inevitable struggle with pulling up my pants every few minutes. If you are a standard, hourglass, or pear shape, you will want to reach for a mid to high rise jean. A body type like straight, triangle, and oval will want to go for the low rise style.

Low rise jeans on the right body type can help elongate your form and help show off curves the right way. High rise jeans for specific shapes can help do the same thing while making sure you are not emphasizing wide hips in the wrong direction. Curves are great, but you have to know how to accentuate them the right way.

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Darker vs. lighter.
Depending on what you want from your pants will let you know if you should go for a darker or lighter shade. Darker colors give off a slimmer appearance while looking more professional. A lighter shade has a more casual look and can emphasize certain areas of your body. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you want to show off the curves of your body. I personally believe that every woman should carry both in their wardrobe. Darker shades are great for professional events (like interviews, meetings, etc.) while lighter jeans can be great for casual strolls and running errands.

What you do want to pay attention to is the variation of colors on the jeans. Have you ever bought a pair of dark jeans that has highlights down the middle? This can create a look you won't like. While highlighting can be great, it can also emphasize parts of your body in an unflattering way. For instance, if you get a dark pant with a light streak down the middle, it can widen your leg and make it look more significant than it really is. You also want to make sure the highlight does not end at the knee. This can immediately give you a shorter appearance and look stumpy.

You also want to pay attention to the ridges that most jeans have. Do you have any denim that has streaks of highlights around the thighs? Again, this can make your legs look bigger than they really are. If this is what you want, then go ahead and get them! It all depends on what you want from your denim.

Check your zipper.
Something that I recently found out about is the importance of checking your zipper. Do you suffer from camel toe in your jeans? This isn't necessarily your fault but the design of your jeans. When you go shopping, you should check how much space there is between the end of your zipper and the crotch area. If there is too much space, it will put more emphasis in that area (which no woman ever wants). Unfortunately, a lot of denim nowadays does this. You might have to spend a little bit more, but it is worth it not to get that dreaded camel toe.

When you have no space in between this area, it will blend seamlessly. That space can bring the eye towards the crotch as well as give the appearance of a larger stomach. A lot of vintage jeans (like Levi's) do a great job of keeping little to no space in between this region.

Find your perfect size and shape.
I was a little hesitant with this trick until I tried it out. You technically don't have to try on a pair of jeans to know if the waist is going to fit you. To know if the denim is going to fit, you just put the waist around your neck. If it wraps around snug, the jean should be a perfect match for your body. If you have extra material, the jean will probably be a bit saggy for you. A similar trick is used for finding the perfect flare or bootcut jeans.

Depending on your thigh width, you might want to reach for a flare, bootcut, or bell bottom. To figure this out, you will want to take the bottom hem of the jean and see if it fits snuggly around the top of the thigh. By having the bottom of your jeans match your thigh width, you will show off your curves while elongating and slimming your figure. If you are going for a skinny jean, make sure that the bottom of the denim sits right at the ankle.

When it comes to shape, it really depends on what you want. Depending on your form, you might want to reach for a stiff material over stretchy. For me, I go for a stretchier material to fit my curves perfectly. For anyone who has more of a straight or triangle shape, you might want to get a stiffer material that will form to your body better.

Check your pockets.
We all want our bottom to look round and perky in our jeans. I don't know anybody out there who craves that saggy look. If you are having issues with your butt looking flat or saggy, you might want to take a look at your back pockets. How they sit and the size of them can determine how your butt will look in the jeans. A pouch that is too small can double the size of your butt (and not in a good way). Too large of a pocket can give off that saggy look while giving off the appearance of a small butt.

A good rule of thumb is to match the size of the pocket with each cheek. You also want to make sure that the pockets are not too far apart from each other. This can become extremely unflattering for any body type. You also want to make sure there is a little space between the crease of your butt from the pocket. To figure this out, put on your pair of jeans and give them a good stare. Do you have a little space from where your butt naturally creases to the bottom of the pockets? This will help round out your butt while avoiding that saggy look.

Proper care of your jeans.
We all know that we are not supposed to dry out jeans, but we might not know why. All jeans have some sort of plastic in them to help keep them together and stay fit throughout all the wear and tear. Every time you dry your jeans, you are burning off that plastic. Over time, you will notice that the first few minutes your jeans will look great but will eventually sag and stretch in a bad way. If you want your jeans to last longer and always give you a great form, make sure to skip the dryer.

By following these steps, you will find that perfect denim you'll never want to take off. By knowing your body type, checking pockets and zippers, and taking into account where the highlights are, you will find a jean that makes you feel sexy. Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful or if you have any other tips of advice to give. We should always feel sexy and beautiful in our skin, and our clothes should accentuate our bodies (and not in an unflattering way).


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