12 Drugstore Products To Add To Your Makeup Bag

Makeup has always fascinated me since the first time I picked up my first mascara. During those days I would wrap eyeliner around my eye until I looked like a raccoon and cake foundation on my face until it resembled a cracked pancake. With wisdom and age has come better techniques to emphasize and sculpt my face instead of scaring little children away. Each year that I get better at my makeup game gives me a new motivation to find better products to try out.

While I'm a huge fan of makeup, I'm also a lover of a great deal. Therefore, you can find me on any given week lurking around the beauty department of most drugstores to discover a new gem to add to my makeup collection. I've recently talked about my top 5 makeup bag must-haves, but I thought I would go into detail about the drugstore products that take up room in my bag as well. These are products that can be found at most grocery and drugstores and, in my opinion, beat out some of the high-end products in my collection.

I do want to point out that each favorite drugstore product I talk about will be below for anyone who is wanting to give it a try. Some of the products I was unable to find (found on Amazon, I'll leave a link at the bottom of the article), but I did discover some amazing alternatives that I've personally tried and loved just as much.

I've been using e.l.f. Products for as long as I can remember. I actually got into them after trying out their monthly subscription box that was filled to the brim with different skincare and makeup products each month. While I don't believe they still carry this monthly box, I still love finding great deals with this brand. Not everything turns out to be gems, but that doesn't mean they don't have a few diamonds in their collection. As of right now, I am obsessed with their translucent powder and their eyebrow kit.

To me, any translucent powder will work to get the job done. I've always bought drugstore powders since they are made relatively the same to the high-end alternatives. The eyebrow kit (I use the shade 'ash') has been in my makeup bag for years. It is hard for me to find a product that compares to my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil, but I see this to be a great dupe. I personally don't use the shadow side and only reach for the cream in this duo pack. Used with an eyebrow pencil, it applies smooth and has never smudged on me yet.

The only three products I have in my makeup bag from this brand is their Infallible foundation, concealer, and lipstick. I've been using this foundation since they first came out with the pro-glow formula. For a while, they only carried the matte foundation and, being extremely dry, found it to break apart within the first two hours. However, this formula gives me a glow from within and stays flawless throughout the entire day. It is a medium coverage that is buildable and comes in a variety of shades.

The concealer has the same coverage and almost feels like the foundation in some aspects. While I wouldn't say it is my favorite, I do love using it for when I'm trying to stay more natural. If you want something that has a bit more coverage, I will go for a Covergirl or Maybelline concealer. I am not sure if they still make this lipstick, but I use the pink satin color that wears as a glossy topcoat to whatever lipstick I wear underneath. It doesn't have much pigment but gives your lips that wet look that I'm always craving (I'll leave an alternative that is just as beautiful below).

Wet n' Wild
This brand has always been a make or breaks for me. With their low prices, they are amazing for anyone shopping on a budget. Not all of their products are keepers, but they do have a few items that I cannot live without. If you are an oily gal or pal out there, I would highly suggest reaching for their foundation (full coverage and impressive blending capabilities). The three products I have used and abused include their lip pencils, bronzer, and contour stick.

The lip pencils might not be for everyone, but I love the texture and quality they bring. It wears more like a lipstick and comes out highly pigmented and smooth. If you are looking for a pencil that glides on smoothly, this is the one for you! When it comes to the contour stick, I have mixed emotions about it. The pigment is fantastic and blends seamlessly, but you do need to warm it up on your hand before applying to your face. Otherwise, it can take off the foundation you have already laid down.

Out of all products at the drugstore, this has always been my favorite brand. I love all of the lip items that they come out with. Recently, I've been obsessed with their push-up mascara and eyeshadow palette. The nudes eyeshadow palette is a staple that I've recommended to all of my family and friends. The colors are beautiful and give you the ability to make a natural look or an intense smoky eye. They have the palette in several different shades, but my go to is the original nude palette they created.

When I was working at the outdoor greenhouse, this mascara was a staple for me. It is waterproof, highly pigmented, and doesn't clump up. The wand also works perfectly to separate and elongate each and every lash. It doesn't necessarily add volume, but more lengthens and enhances your lashes for a natural bombshell look.

Flower Beauty
I haven't used many products from this line but, the ones I have purchased, have always turned out fantastic. I bought the eyeshadow quad in foxy browns and fell in love with it instantly. The shadows blend perfectly and have a decent amount of pigmentation. I typically use this quad when I'm going for a light and natural look.

I also have tried a few of the primers in this collection and have found them to blur out my pores without feeling too heavy on the face. I will say that this collection is a little bit pricier than other drugstore brands, but so far I have not found a product I didn't like.

Rimmel London
I used to have an obsession with this brand due to my mother. She had always reached for their items when it came to her eyes, and I'd watch her put on her makeup each morning. While I have expanded my makeup collection, I still find myself reaching for their eye pencils and liners when I'm in the store. One product that I've loved is their Magnif'eyes duo kohl pencil in brown and gold. Depending on what look I'm going for, this can add a nice pop of color. The gold is a yellow based color that looks fantastic during the winter months.

One thing I will say is that they usually discontinue a lot of their products I fall in love with. This product, in particular, has come and gone on the shelves, but they do have a kohl pencil (below) that is an excellent alternative if you can't find the duo pencil.

As of right now, these are my favorite drugstore products that have made a home in my everyday makeup bag. Let me know in the comments below any of the favorites that you have found or if you have tried any of these products, which ones were staples or flops. A few of the products that I could not find are below. You can purchase them off of Amazon or, depending on the drugstore of your choice, purchase in person.


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