9 Products To Use For Your Ultimate Pamper Night

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As I write this, I am currently sitting in a hotel room that sits in the beautiful town of Estes Park, Colorado. While most of my days are going to be dedicated to exploring and adventuring this stunning small town, I also have a couple of days open for relaxation. With the higher elevation, colder weather, and dry skin, it seemed appropriate to make one of my days a pamper night. I always bring my favorite products with me on vacations for at least one spa day. To me, time off work should have a relaxing day where you give yourself a break from everything, both mentally and physically.

However, you don't have to be on the road to have a relaxing pamper night! Anytime you need to show your body a little love, turn off your mind for a while, and get some much needed R&R is a good enough reason to have an at-home spa day. I try to have one at least twice a month where I spend the entire day pampering myself and not worrying about anything. If this sounds like something you need in your life, I've put together the main products that I use on these days.

These will help you release stress, pamper the body, and ease the mind. I'll list below the brands I use, but you can always search for other items that suite you and your needs. After all, a pamper day doesn't have to be the same as mine. As long as it brings you comfort, joy, and relaxation, you cannot go wrong.

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French Girl Calming Bath Salts
For me, a bath is a must for a proper spa day. I love getting into a hot tub, soaking my sore muscles, and letting the stresses of the day dissolve into the water. To enhance this time, I almost always use some sort of bath salts and soaps. I am currently in love with the brand French Girl, who makes fantastic bath salts that give your body an excellent recharge while smelling amazing and puts you into a calm mindset.

Currently, I've loved the Rose Sea Soak that they make. It helps to relax muscles, eliminate toxins, absorb essential minerals, and get you relaxed for bedtime. If you aren't a fan of rose scented salts, I would also highly recommend the mint sea soak or their sea soak.

Laura Mercier Vanilla Honey Bath
For my bubble necessities, I go for the Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Honey Bath. With its thick consistency, fantastic smell, and luxurious ingredients, it is definitely worth the price tag. You don't have to use much, and you can watch as the liquid turns into a thick foam. This is by far the best bubble bath I have ever used on my body. Most look neat and add bubbles to your bathtub. However, this brand helps add moisture into your skin while calming your senses.

If this is a little too much for your budget, you can also go for Philosophy's Peppermint Stick shower gel or their Sparkling Hollyberries gel. Both double as shower gels and bubble baths, give off an exquisite scent and are relatively inexpensive.

OUAI Hair & Body Oil
After a relaxing bath, I love to cover my skin in a body oil to add extra moisture and nutrients before putting on a body butter. In the past, I always used Herbivore products for this. They have a jasmine body oil and a rose quartz illuminating oil that has always been on my favorites list. The brand does a great job at giving you phenomenal results with ingredients that you can pronounce. However, I started using the OUAI hair & body oil a few months back, and I cannot get enough of this product.

I pick up the rose hair and body oil (if you haven't noticed, I love rose everything), and use it on a daily basis. With ingredients like shea, rose hip oil, and absinthium, this product locks in moisture while giving you protection for those dry strands. This product is a go-to for me because it works on both the body and the hair, is inexpensive for the quality you get, and smells like heaven. Trust me; if you get anything from this list, it should be this oil.

Bath & Body Works
Two of the products I use for pamper night come from this store. As a girl obsessed with this place, it was hard to pick my favorites out of everything they have to offer. If you want to treat yourself or others, I would always recommend shopping here first. They have candles that will make anyone obsessed, sales that regularly knock down high prices, and scents that are so strong and heavenly that you'll never want to leave the shop. However, if I had to pick only two products, it would be their vanilla bean body butter and 'Dear Santa, Define Naughty' candle.

Both of these are technically Christmas items, but you can purchase them online all year long. When it comes to the body butter, I will recommend this specific cream to anyone. Being a dry girl, I fell deeply in love with these butter's the second I put it on my skin. They lock in moisture without feeling greasy afterward and smell fantastic all day long. My favorite scents are the candy apple and vanilla bean (but the vanilla is a little less festive). When it comes to the candle, it is cinnamon in a wax form. This beauty puts off such a strong smell of Christmas cinnamon that you will never want it to end.

I know not everyone likes that scent, so I have a candle that is just as perfect (if not more) for those spa days. If you want something a little less festive, then you should reach for the stress relief scent in the aromatherapy section. It combines the scents of eucalyptus and spearmint that helps relieve stress and calm the nerves (which is what we are going for in our pamper night).

As a dry girl, this is always a necessity in my life. I've talked about this product in an article that gives a phenomenal trick for anyone who deals with dehydrated and flaky skin. However, most people don't have this problem; therefore this isn't a staple item in your household. Whether you use Vaseline or an off-brand, this is an excellent item for pamper night. I love using this on my feet and hands after giving myself a manicure/pedicure. I'll put a pair of socks and gloves on to let it soak in, and watch shows while this fantastic product does some magic.

LAPCOS Skin Masks
A face mask is a prominent item in any spa day. I always go for a sheet mask over ones you have to put on since it will be easy to remove afterward. While I've tried various brands, I always reach for LAPCOS sheet masks time and time again. They have a wide range of different masks that help deal with specific issues. For me, I love the Aloe, Pearl, and Aqua maks that they offer. These three masks help brighten, moisturize, and calm stressed-out skin.

NCLA Cuticle Oil
I've never thought cuticle oil was worth purchasing until I received a bottle of it in one of my monthly Glossybox's. After that, I was hooked. Not only does it help moisturize and strengthen your cuticles, but it can help prolong your nail polish as well. My personal favorite is the NCLA So Rich Peach Vanilla cuticle oil, but you can get festive with their pumpkin spice or thin mint scents. Typically, I'll put this before or after my manicure/pedicure and let it sink in before rubbing Vaseline into my hands.

Nail Kit
With treating my feet and hands, you need proper tools to get the job done. You can purchase these items in almost any drugstore and give yourself a manicure without spending too much money. I would suggest getting a kit that has things like a nail filer, clippers, cuticle pusher, and other tools. I also have a nail buffer and a Pedi-Expert. They get rid of all the dead skin and calluses that accumulate on your feet over time. Trust me; these items will become your favorite part of the pamper night!

Besides all these products, I usually sip a cup of tea or coffee, relax in bed, and watch a TV show I'm loving or sink into a fascinating book. Whatever you do, make sure to have fun while staying relaxed and stress-free during your pamper night. Let me know in the comments below, what are some of your favorite products for a spa day?

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