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I don't think I could tell you how many times I have watched Friends. If I were stuck on an island, all I would want is a lifetime supply of chocolate and the entire series of Friends. Watching an episode the other day made me realize that I haven't done a Broke Girls Guide on one of my favorite celebrities; Jennifer Aniston. While I technically have not seen everything she has been in, I have seen enough to say that she is one of my favorite actresses.

She is funny, smart, incredibly beautiful, and always brings an element to each movie she does. When it comes to her real life, I like to believe Jennifer is extremely down to earth. At least, her style showcases this. With casual outfits, baggy jeans, and minimal makeup, she shows us that you don't have to put hours into your morning routine to look phenomenal.

For this week, I've decided to pick a classic look that Jennifer Aniston wears in her everyday life. It isn't anything flashy, easy for anyone to purchase, and can be worn with almost anything in your closet. I love this ensemble because it looks like she just threw it on but could also be worn during any day of the week. If you want to learn how to get this piece or, like me, just love fashion, then keep on reading!

I've noticed that Jennifer Aniston has a thing for ugly jeans. What I mean by this is that they aren't the typical denim that most people go for. While they are growing in popularity, these baggy boyfriend jeans haven't always been seen as a necessity to most people. However, they look too comfortable not to add to your wardrobe (even if you aren't into the style). They might not accentuate your assets, but you can pair them with almost anything and wear them out for any errand you have.

With such a casual outfit, you don't really need to purchase a shirt to duplicate this look. I could almost guarantee everyone reading this has some form of a dark grey shirt in their closet. If not, you can get a cheap long sleeve or t-shirt from your local store to throw on. If you want to add a little curve to this outfit, go for a slimming shirt or even a crop top. Honestly, the options are endless.

I can't help it, I love jackets. I mean, this outfit is nothing special, but then you see that extra layer, and you immediately want to run to the store. Long coats like this are great to dress up with a dress or dress down (like Jennifer has done). Get a beige/brown color to match almost anything and let the coat speak for itself.

Scarf and Shoes
The thing about a scarf is that it can add to your outfit, keep you warm, and be a cheap way to add an accessory. Again, you don't have to go with the same color if you don't want to. I personally love this pairing because it gives a contrast to the coat to make this look more put together. It also keeps your neck warm, so there's that. For the shoes, I cannot stress how much you need a pair of white tennis shoes. While they might get dirty fast (some people like the worn look) they look so clean and neat with every outfit. They are definitely a purchase you will never regret.

For this look, the purse and simple jewelry is a great addition. You could pair it with a large number of accessories, but I like the simplicity of everything. Nothing is trying to take the spotlight, and it can be quickly thrown on before leaving the house. She lets her inner beauty do more of the talking in this piece. While her ring isn't just for looks, you could get a few simple rings or just pair this look with a cute pair of earrings. Want to make this a bold look? Pick a bright colored purse to give a statement. Or go simple, the world is at your fingertips with this look.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this look! Also, who is your favorite Friends character? I'm always on the fence between Rachel and Phoebe.


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