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It's that time again to come up with incredible dupes from some of our favorite celebrities. For this week's Broke Girls Guide, I decided to pick someone who has always had a place in my heart. I might not know Emma Watson personally, but I grew up being best friends with the fictional character she played. If you follow me on Patreon, you would know I'm a massive Harry Potter fan. It is to the point that I'm probably going to have my wedding theme around the Gryffindor colors (you think I'm kidding, but I'm not).

When it comes to the beautiful Emma Watson, I think she is a woman we could all fall in love with. She isn't just another actress but an advocate for so many fantastic things, an activist, and a role model for others. She is on my top list for actresses dead or alive that I would like to have a coffee with and talk about anything. However, you are here for her style and not my rantings on why I love Emma Watson.

I picked this outfit because it seemed to epitomize her style. Besides red carpet events, she keeps her outfits relatively comfortable and straightforward. While I could do another jeans and t-shirt look, I thought I would go with an outfit that is more of an evening look without having to put in much effort. This doesn't mean the look is lackluster, but that you can throw it on and look flawless. We all need an outfit like that.

Whether you like this outfit or not, you should think about getting a blouse like this for your closet. This top could be paired with anything, and you can dress it up or down depending on your mood. I love the slight sheerness it has, giving it a sexy vibe without revealing too much. I also adore how she tucked it in so that her frame is accentuated.

You might not think these colors would look good together, but Emma Watson proves they do. I fell in love with this midi skirt because it accentuates the waist while still being flowy. For me, I don't like wearing pencil skirts because it shows everything (which can sometimes be the opposite of what we want). This is a great beginner for anyone who wants to feel sexy but isn't comfortable having every inch of clothing tight.

While I couldn't find an exact dupe for this piece, I love these choices as well! They give you that same structure with a little extra flare.

Her shoes are practical (in the best way). For anyone who isn't a heel fan, these are for you. They are high enough to add elegance to the piece while being short enough to not feel like you are about to fall flat on your face. The strappy heel will never go out of style. If you still don't want to wear a heel, you could always pair this outfit with flats, and it would remain beautiful.

Emma keeps everything minimal in this outfit. It's like she woke up looking like this (which she probably did). With a small ring and bracelet, everything comes together without being too in your face. With two bold colors together, this is a great way to wear accessories. If you want, you could even add a small pair of studs or a simple necklace.

What is your favorite outfit worn by the lovely Emma Watson? Are you a Harry Potter fan? Let me know in the comments below and we will become best friends!

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