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I've done several broke girls guide's on the Kardashian/Jenner family in the past. While I might not keep up with the Kardashian's, I can't deny that those women have some serious style. They have created trends we never thought would be fashionable and love to show off those curves. For this week, I decided to find some dupes for a style that the talented Kendall Jenner wore.

This look is an easy way to look stylish without having to try too hard. The reason I chose this outfit was that they are pieces that can be worn with other outfits are inexpensive to purchase, and look sophisticated, sexy, and extravagant. You can wear this out on the town or, like Kendall did, out shopping with girlfriends.

If you want to get this look but don't have the funds to get the exact outfit, I found some incredible dupes that you'll want to add to your collection immediately.

I believe every woman should own a pair of white denim. I have white jeans that have been well worn throughout the years and, every time I put them on, I always get compliments. While black is known to be slimming, white can pull off the same effect. We still think of white t-shirts when putting together clothes, but always forget that we can wear them in the pants department as well.

What I love about white denim (or leggings) is that they immediately give a look a sense of extravagance. You could pair it with a regular shirt and make a statement. Just be careful with them. If you are anything like me, it will be a difficult task to wear them all day without getting something dropped on them (but that is what bleach and washers are for).

She wears a tank top with a sheer v-neck in this look that gives a sense of sexiness and mystery. When it comes to the tank top, you can get those for relatively inexpensive. I have several of these tops in various colors to layer with my outfits. You could go for a pricy version but, if you are wearing it underneath clothes, it is unnecessary.

For the top, it was a little harder to find a perfect dupe for what Kendall is wearing. However, you can find some nude sweaters and v-necks if you know where to look. If you find it a little dull, you can go with a design that has a little more punch to it (as seen below). She matches the nude color with her coat so, if you wanted, you could find a different shade and pair it with a different color coat if so desired.

For years I wanted a faux fur coat. It felt like something only wealthy people owned, and it oozed an appeal. While I have a few inexpensive options below, I would start at a thrift store first. I have a faux fur coat in a similar color that I found for $5 at a thrift shop. This isn't a style everyone likes, but it is definitely one that stands out in a crowd. Put it on, and you'll feel like a queen going to a fancy party.

If you look through Kendall Jenner's style, you'll see that she is a fan of ankle boots. They help elongate the legs, look beautiful, and can be worn with so many different styles. If you don't like her front zipper (which I think adds detail to the look), you can always pick up any pair of ankle boots to pull this style off.

For me, ankle boots are a must in any wardrobe. I would purchase a nude or black pair that can be worn with almost anything. They add flair to regular outfits and look great with virtually any look.

I feel like her accessories add that missing piece to this outfit. You could go without, but it gives that extravagant vibe that she has radiating around her. The great thing about sunglasses and jewelry is that you can get them for cheap (however they could potentially turn your skin green). Her layering of gold necklaces combines beautifully with the color scheme she is going for.

If you don't want to go out and buy jewelry for this look, you can quickly pick up whatever you have around the house. Are you not an accessories type of gal? No worries! Just put on a pair of sunglasses, and you'll still feel like a million dollars.

What is your favorite look from the Jenner/Kardashian family? Let me know in the comments below, and I'll pick a few for future Broke Girls Guide articles.

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