How To Avoid A Burnout

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Towards the end of 2018, I found myself struggling. I had no motivation to write and was forcing articles out. While I was still sticking to a schedule, I was unhappy with the quality of my content but had no willpower to make it better. I was going through burnout. Almost all of us have gone through one, and sometimes it can be challenging to realize while we are in turmoil.

The problem I faced was that, while I was going through burnout, I didn't try to cope with the issue adequately. Instead of giving myself rest, I forced myself through it (which rarely works). I finally realized that I had to change my ways otherwise I would be stuck in this situation longer than I wanted.

If you find yourself in burnout or heading in that direction, there are ways to cope. By following these tips, I found myself with new inspiration and productivity. By realizing there is a problem, you have started the first step in fixing your burnout issue.

Identify The Issue
Before you can even cope with burnout, you have to realize that is what is happening. If you are lacking motivation and drive to perform, it might be time to take a step back and assess the situation. The main reason we get into this scenario is that we choose to ignore the signs. While we can try to work through the pain, we usually end up just making it worse.

By identifying the issue, we can start to take a look at why we are heading towards burnout. Maybe it is because you are working too much or your work no longer makes you happy. Learning why is the best way to form a plan to cope.

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Take a Break
My burnout came from overworking myself. Being my boss made me work without a day off. With my computer and my career just a few feet away from my bed, it was hard to turn off. I would work through sick days, vacation, and holidays. After an entire year without a single relax day, I found myself fatiguing before I even opened my laptop.

One of the main reasons we suffer from burnout is that we don't give ourselves a proper day off. You need to set a schedule and stick to it. Take one or two days off a week and force yourself to stay away from projects. If you find yourself slipping into a draining motivation, take a vacation. Just like any other job, you deserve days off and time away from your career. Learning this will be a saving grace in the future.

Be Active
I know everyone is sick of being told they need to exercise (I know I am). A problem many people face is that they work at a desk job for eight hours a day. Without movement, our minds start to wander and fatigue. You don't have to do a vigorous exercise to be active either. By moving around, taking breaks, and building up some sweat, you would be amazed at how much focus you will receive.

On days that I do a yoga session (or just stretching), I find myself much more productive. I'll even use my lunch break to walk down to my local coffee shop. Our bodies were not made to sit at a desk staring at a screen all day. If you don't give yourself proper movement and sunlight, you will become drained fast. Even if it is just a walk to your mailbox, try getting up often to keep yourself from falling into a burnout.

Get a Proper Night's Sleep
Like exercise, sleep is a necessity in life. Most of us don't get the proper amount of hours and, eventually, this will catch up with you. I understand you can't always get eight hours of sleep, but you should try as much as possible. Even if this means sleeping in on the weekends, you need to let your body recover.

I've written about power napping before and why it is essential. If you can't get all the hours at night, try taking a mini nap in the afternoon. You'd be amazed how it can rejuvenate your mind and body. I can always tell the difference when I don't get enough rest the night before. I usually lack focus during the day and call it quits early on. Don't let this happen to you.

Change Things Up
It might shock you, but the main reason we get a burnout has to do with unhappiness and overworking our bodies. While you need to give yourself a day off, you should also assess your level of happiness. When I was coping with my burnout, I asked myself how much I enjoyed writing. After evaluating each day, I realized I hated talking about travel. It was attractive to some, but I wasn't traveling enough for it to be worthy of my words.

Once I figured this out, I decided to slow down my articles on traveling and incorporate a subject I was passionate about. Are you happy with your work? If you answered no, see if there is something you can change within your career. If there is nothing that can be switched, it might be time to look for a new career. There is no rule in life that says you are stuck with the same job the rest of our lives. Even if you put 30 years into a career field, you can always find something new. It might be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

Work Through It
This tip doesn't mean that you should not address the situation, but you shouldn't stop altogether. Many people give up after the burnout and never find the motivation to get back on the saddle. While I was going through my exhaustion, I continued to work. Every work day I would force myself to write at least one article.

Sometimes we have to force a smile on our face to get through the day. Eventually, that fake smile will turn into a real one. The main thing to remember is not to overwork yourself during this process. I didn't write as much as I used to, and that was okay as long as I gave it a try and pushed through to the other side. Burnouts don't have a set expiration date, so sometimes we have to work through the problem until it resolves.

By giving yourself proper days off, changing things up, and being healthy, you have a better shot at avoiding a burnout. Sometimes they are inevitable, but I hope these tips will help you as they did me. If you have ever gone through a burnout, what did you do to cope with it? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Great tips!! I need to keep this in mind with my busy schedule!

  2. Thank you! I have been feeling a mix of both being burnt out and overwhelmed, and not only is it helpful to have tips, but also to know others feel this way!

    1. I totally get it! I felt like I was going crazy and that there was no one else that would understand. Glad the tips could help!

  3. I need to keep this mind with my business and my school work

  4. Excellent checklist! Important keep keep an even attitude as well and stay clear of peaks and valleys

    1. Thank you!Those are definitely key points I need to remember when I feel myself struggling!


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