Broke Girls Guide: Mila Kunis

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If you didn't grow up watching That 70's Show, did you ever grow up? All kidding aside, I chose Mila Kunis for this weeks Broke Girls Guide for several reasons. One of them is how she is the ultimate MILF (Mom I'd Like to Friend). I also chose Mila for her every girl style that she sports on a daily basis. Even though she is a famous celebrity, she always looks down to earth in her wardrobe. She picks pieces that look fantastic and can be worn by anyone.

Sometimes celebrities wear outfits that are a little too bold for where we live. Not that you should never wear what you want to, but we sometimes need a casual look as well. With the cold weather still here, I thought this would be a perfect outfit for all of those wintery days that are among us. You can wear this to get coffee (like Mila did), or just lounging around the house. Of course, I do that in sweats, but to each their own.

If you want to find some incredible dupes for this outfit, then keep reading. In all honesty, I believe each piece is a staple in every wardrobe. I know I always say this, but it rings true here. These items are great casual pieces that will never go out of style.

We all need a decent pair of denim jeans in our closet. If you are trying to find your perfect fit, I have a style guide that goes into detail about what to look out for when shopping. These pants Mila is sporting is a perfect casual accessory to any outfit you are throwing on before heading out the door. I don't know if you can get that ideal denim color, but these come pretty close.

You can get a high waisted or low rise pair depending on your body type. I love the small details that come with the frayed ends and the small amount of grungy appeal.

A striped shirt can be your best friend or worst nightmare. The great thing about stripes is that they can accentuate and slim if worn correctly. I've heard that horizontal lines are the best at slimming (but I've heard the same about vertical). I love that this shirt ends where her jeans begin and that it is slightly on the larger side. It gives this a casual approach while adding a little color to the outfit.

Sweater Cardigan
You might think this looks ugly, but these cardigans are magical. I own a few pairs myself and wear them on a regular basis. They are incredibly warm and cozy while adding texture to a style. They are also great for those days when you aren't feeling all too confident and need something to cover up with (we all have those days).

If you are like me, you might want to start with a darker color first. I love white, but I'm far too much of a klutz to pull it off on a daily basis. This look would still look fantastic with a grey, black, or even dark blue shade.

Hat and Shoes
Again, these are stapled accessories in every wardrobe. White sneakers go with almost anything (even dresses). While they might get a tad grungy, they are always a great piece to keep on hand. They match perfectly with this outfit, but you can genuinely put them with anything.

For the beanie, well, we all have one. These hats keep your head warm and cover up bad hair days. They are a practical purchase that you will never regret. I love the knit style she is wearing, but you can get whatever feels right for you. There is no wrong when it comes to a classic beanie.

What is your favorite piece in this outfit? Or, what celeb do you love when it comes to style? Let me know in the comments below, and I might just feature them in my next Broke Girls Guide.

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